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Title: Who made the first autobot (kaitinieks)

hes 123 - August 4, 2009 05:09 PM (GMT)
first one who started runescape cheating revolution was "kaitinieks". (his from Latvia and im too from latvia :P )
He made first autobot and duplicator called "AutoRune"

Here's everything in detail ( about kaitinieks and "autorune" )

The history

This is for those who want to know what exactly happened and
why did it happen. The dates are taken from my very inaccurate
and partially destroyed mIRC logs, please inform me if you
detect any wrong facts, because I changed my clock too often
to make shareware programs work.

The idea

The idea was born a year before the first AutoRune version
came out. We had 2 computers in our room but only one was
directly connected to internet, so I found a tool that
redirected all outgoing connections to socks proxy. I set up
proxy server on the connected computer and accessed internet
from the other computer through it.
Then I made RuneScape connect to modified socks proxy and it
saved all outgoing and incoming data to file. I figured I
could send my own data to make it walk and do other actions
but then other things came and it was forgotten about until a
year later.

The push

One place where everyone talked about RuneScape cheating and
cheats was RBcheats forums. I was reading them now and then, I
offered to make RS cheat and asked for a help but got flamed.
Pretty soon I realized that none of the people there had any
idea what they were talking about. All cheats offered for
download in the forums were keyloggers.
Then evil cowgod created the RuneScape cheating community. In
fact the community is still alive. Some guy in his forums
tried to convince me that cheat like AutoRune is not possible.
It took me a week to create it.

The program

I don't know when exactly first version was created, but
according to my mIRC logs at September 22, 2002 me and cow
were talking about advertising AutoRune on his site. That
would be great if someone could find when exactly was AR 1.0
I don't remember much, but the sample script included with AR
1.0 mined iron at Varrock southeast mines, smelted it at
Lumbridge, smithed at Varrock and banked in Varrock east bank.
Meaning that even the first version was very powerful already.
When I demonstrated AR to Alex in game, all he was saying is:
"omg it's so fast, I can hardly follow".
The famous AutoRune interface was created by my real life
friend Rapids. The first testers were Alex, Vincent and Heppu.
AutoRune was very unique and new back then. It was acting as
proxy between game server and client, it was analyzing
outgoing and incoming data and injecting data if needed. It
was the very first scriptable RuneScape cheat and it used
authorization server - a mechanism to prevent uncontrolled
distribution of the cheat. Later someone got a brilliant idea
- it can be sold.

The sales

The very first purchaser of AutoRune was Olympus (Olee). I was
internet less and Olee had to wait for his authorization
account. He was impatient and offered money if Rapids creates
the account for him. Rapids accepted. It was September 20,
Later Rapids convinced me, that AutoRune should be sold. It
was priced $10 at first, later the price varied. I didn't earn
much because AutoRune was not as well know as it is nowadays
after duping and autocatching.
There was a trial version of AutoRune and many people believed
that Jagex used it to examine how AutoRune worked and take it
Generally these were happy times for all AutoRuners because
their number was small and they had some great scripters and
for me, because I enjoyed coding and making AutoRune better
and better, but I really hated wasting my time for making AR
authorization accounts for those who purchased them and
explaining newcomers how to use AR. At one point I even wanted
to stop it all and close the project.

New owner

Coran purchased AutoRune authorization at November 01, 2002.
In the very first day he had interest in selling AR
authorization accounts so I could do only the coding part. He
was also a great scripter and generally cool guy.
I offered to sell AutoRune source code for $500. First two
guys who got interested were rejected because one of them was
a well known scammer (James) but the other one was too young
(SixPack). Coran decided to purchase it. At December 05, 2002
he was the new owner of AutoRune including source code and
copyrights. I agreed to continue working on it because I
enjoyed it.

Mass ban

December 13, 2002. Friday. We all got banned. Well, almost all
of us.
So how did they detect us? It's not easy to explain and
understand if you haven't used AutoRune, so don't try to
understand it. Basically they made RuneScape client send a
useless command to server after 45 clicks on rock, fishing
spot, tree or NPC. AutoRune didn't send that command when
script was running so server could tell - hmmm, 45 rocks were
mined but the secret command was not sent, must be AutoRune.
We didn't know what was the cause back then. I was quite
shocked, I just left. Before that we did the famous banker
I also must mention that other bots, including some private
ones were affected by this and banned along with AutoRuners.

The silence

After the mass ban there was nothing. I left, everyone left,
the channels went empty, the forums were down. It was pretty
sure that the evil cowgod community is dead and will never
return. Well, I was wrong.

The return

April, 2003 cow returned with Bovine Labs. At April 09, 2003
after almost 4 months AutoRune was fixed. AutoRune 2.3 was
modified to send the secret commands like the real RuneScape
client did.

The orgy

This was the time when RuneScape cheating exploded. Suddenly
people came from everywhere, all willing to cheat. Not only
that, Vee came with a fixed RuneBot version. The forums
swarmed of people and it was clear that this can't last.
Indeed, RuneBot survived for about a week, AutoRune had a
longer life, only because it came before RuneBot.

Second death

This time there was no mass ban. They just effectively
disabled AutoRune, RuneBot and probably other cheats by
changing RuneScape communication protocol. The commands sent
to server/received from server were now encrypted. There was
no way I could guess that and fix AutoRune. I was wrong again.

The secret return

The community doesn't do well without cheats. They start
scamming and basically the weaker it is the more destructively
the members act. You would think that at hard times people
should be supportive and try to find a solution. Forget it,
that doesn't happen in real life.
A new cheat was created by me. The name was SCAR and it means
Sh*te Compared to AutoRune. It's a color clicker and you can
read more about it in SCAR section. This was for the
Meanwhile AutoRune was fixed but it was nowhere announced.
Date - unknown (no data about this in my mIRC logs). Only few
people knew about this and only few AutoRune users existed (so
called ARC - AutoRune Crew). A private channel was made and a
private forum was created. Only intelligent and useful people
were invited in, we exchanged ideas and created scripts. This
was a good time for those lucky ones who had AutoRune. And we
existed for a very long time.


November 06, 2003. After I released AutoRune with autotrading
support, SixFeetUnder discovered that it can be used for
duping. He was trying to trade one of the holiday items with
AutoRune by giving server invalid parameters. Ironically,
anything could be duped except stackable items (money,
certificates etc). And the best thing is - you didn't even
need the item you wanted to duplicate, so it was
more like item creating. That was a big fun day. The RuneScape
economy had to suffer. Hundreds of hats were created, other
items worth billions in GP. Not all accounts were banned,
some AutoRuners made quite a fortune. After many hours
it took for Jagex to discover and fix the bug, the main
dupers got banned. Items were not deleted, the game
was not rolled back.

Various bugs

After duping lots and lots of things were tried out with
AutoRune. The most significant being:
- you could cast spells without runes and without a target
enabling incredibly fast leveling
- you could create women with beards
- you could attack and kill yourself in wilderness
- you could create a character without body (it still was
showing up in minimap and when mouse was moved over)
There were more, but these were the main ones.

Next owner

Coran sold AutoRune source code and rights to Josh (APD). Josh
wasn't as loved by community because he was well known as
scammer and started to sell accounts again for both money and
ingame GPs.

Second mass ban

Why were the first two attempts of killing AutoRune
unsuccessful? Because Jagex wanted AutoRune to die but I
didn't. This time I wanted it to end. I was tired of it all.
There were other reasons, too. APD had sold accounts to many
people. I created a public authorization server account for
everyone to use. Everyone started AutoRuning. They automined,
autofighted and autocatched. The RuneScape player community
was very upset about all this and autocatching basically
ruined the whole gameplay.
02 January, 2004. AutoRuners were banned in the second
massban. I didn't fix AutoRune anymore.


When APD purchased source code, his computer got keylogged and
AutoRune source code stolen. Many people have it now. One of
people who got AutoRune source code is Buckna. He decided to
fix and sell AutoRune under a different name - AsheyRune. He
tried for some time but Jagex killed it and he gave up.

The future

I am not planning to bring AutoRune back ever. In fact I
haven't tried to fix it since version 2.80.
Anything to add

Dude12dragon - August 4, 2009 06:29 PM (GMT)
Wow this guy is like a mastemind of runescape lol a mass ban we have alot of 'em now and days :)

65dragon3 - August 4, 2009 08:02 PM (GMT)
wow.... lol his good at using bots to cheat on runescape....
but bans come in >: )

Tomas_Speed - August 4, 2009 09:39 PM (GMT)
Mass Bans for everyone :D

I wish i played around that time... if i knew what i do now i would probably make a couple of account just to dupe some phats ^_^ obviously i woudnt dupe 1k + only idiots would do that... and thats why they are banned :P

EndlessNameless - August 5, 2009 12:06 AM (GMT)
I remember the item creating. It happened when I was 8 or 9 and I first joined RS. Let's jut say I got banned with around 20 blue party hats lol -_-

Animal - August 5, 2009 12:48 AM (GMT)
Aww, I thought it was Optimus Prime. :(

Sick Mate 9 - August 5, 2009 10:23 AM (GMT)
haa nice ani..

ban hammer ftw!!

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