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Title: roach hunt
Description: parts 1 & 2

Jss - August 3, 2009 11:37 AM (GMT)
ok i was bored out of my mind (as usual) and needed an event, prep war, anything! but seeing as nobody would have 1 i decided to make 1 :sunglasses:

Part 1
attendees: Jss(me), gravedigg, dager007
this was a good 1 in my opinion (sadly no rune drops :'( )i had fun spending time with my fellow clan mates thats all that matters really :wub: i made probally 30k so yeah you might expect more from roaches but hey u take what u can get ^_^

Part 2
attendees: Jss (me), U R Dead Nao, K Arthur90
well this 1 wasnt so much an event but was fun i guess because i got to kill roaches with Dead (Arth was fixing sumthing on forums i think he said, idk but yeah i got to spend time with my clan mates and thats all that mattered :wub:

well guys thats it, hope you had fun :yes: (srry no pics :( ) if you took some pics please reply and post em there :drool: and glad u had fune at *very deep breath*

Jss's super fantastic ultra huger uber awesome kewlio BurgerKing peace forever roach hunt :P

Tomas_Speed - August 3, 2009 11:48 AM (GMT)
Ofc spending time with your mates is whats important :D

Sorry coudnt come but i wasnt on probably ^_^

Glad you guys had fun :)

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