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Title: Lord's Hunter Guide

Lord - July 9, 2009 09:28 PM (GMT)
howdy there as you all should know, im lord and im amazing. plain and simple.
so what im bout to tell u should help make you guys amazing(er) also. Hunter...hunter rocks and is awesome money. but u gotta do it right in order to make the money.

Starting offYou should hunt birds until lvl 29. I dont exactly know all the birdes names, but go from the lowest lvl to the highest lvl bird until lvl 29.

From level 29, you should hunt swamp lizards. they are really fast exp and are worth bout 1k a lizard. You dont absolutely have to bank, but i suggest u do cuz you will make a lot of money. My friend made about 1 mil from 900 of those lizards. I myself chose not to bank because i wanted the exp fast. If you dont bank, then you can get from 29 to 53 in 1 day if ur on for a while. Hunt Swamp lizards all the way until lvl 53, absolutely nothing else. swamp lizards are the fastest exp and the most money.

Once you get to lvl 53, hunt Grey Chins until lvl 63. NOTHING ELSE
1) because they are fast exp
2) because they can stack
3) because almost noone else hunts them

Then from there its kinda obvious, just hunt red chins until 99 =)
you can hunt dragon implings too for big money, and for some fun lol. but chins are faster =)

well there ya go, i hope this helps you guys become amazing(er) like me =)

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