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Title: F2P Range Training Guide

rsw armoury - January 31, 2009 07:46 AM (GMT)
This guide was written by 13th r4nger from the Mayhem Makers. It would help a lot of people here.

Start by buying every bow from normal to maple (can all be bought from the ranging store in varrock) and also get your hands on a leather body, cowl, coif, leather chaps, studded leather chaps, leather vambraces and of course the green d'hide chaps and vambraces. Try to keep you ranging bonous at the maximum at all times since it will help alot. (You may exchange the cowl and coif for something else since they are so darn ugly.). You should also stock up on arrows and i suggest that you should stick to bronze, iron and steel arrows for training to keep it cheap. Buy them from other players or from the shops if you are poor.

Bronze: 2-6gp from shop, 10-15gp from players
Iron: 3-18gp from shop, 20-30gp from players
Steel: 12-72gp from shop, 40-60gp from players

From level 1-20

Start out ranging chickens in lumby and at about lvl 10 you should more on to cows that are also situated in lumby. You dont need any food for the chickens but for the cows you might, bring a woodcutting axe and a tinderbox for cooking the raw bef that they drop, or just buy food or range them from across the fence.
(You can also choose to range the cows at the crafting guild since they are often alot less crowded.)

user posted image

user posted image
user posted image

From level 20-40

Make your way to the edgeville monks and start ranging them close up, since you can talk to them in order for them to heal you you will not need any food here. When you reach the ranging level of 30 you will be ready for the edgeville guards.
Head to the edgeville "guard-house" just north of the bank and go inside the house, close the gate, kill the ones outside, go out and pick up arrows, close gate, kill the ones inside, go in pick up arrows and so on until you reach ranging lvl 40.

user posted image

Guards House:
user posted image

You can also go down to the varrock sewers (accessed from the man-hole above varrock eastern bank) and the choose to go down the left path until you reach some water that is blocking your way. On the other side you will see Zombies which you can start ranging (OBS! you cannot pick up your arrows here unless you use telekenetic grab.)

user posted image

From level 40-60

Now you can either do option 1; stay at the guard-house continuing the same procedure or continue ranging Zombies OR option 2; head down to the edgeville dungeon (Brass key is required if you mean to access it from the varrock side.)
Find the Hill Giants located there and start ranging from the safespot located just by the ladder. The giants drop big bones which you can make a quite nice profit from, they sell for 300-450 each depending on how many of them you have. If you choose to bank the big bones then it will take a very long time to get to 60 since you will have to walk back to the giants again every 28th (or 25th if you decide to teleport to varrock in order to bank.) giant you kill.

Hill Giants:
user posted image

From lvl 60-80

Now the range levels wont come so easy anymore and you will need to find better places to train. If you can afford not picking up arrows then i suggest you head over to the crafting guild and place yourself where the cows are... from this point you can see the "Hobgoblin Peninsula" on which a handful of hobgoblins live. Start ranging them from across the water and they will be helpless (This place can be crowded by meleers at some times, juts hop worlds until you find a free one.).

user posted image

If you cannot afford not picking up your arrows and if you have the time; Do all the quests required to do Dragon Slayer and once you have done most of Dragon Slayer (dont kill the dragon unless you want defence), landing on Crandor island, you can pay the moss giants there a visit. This spot is often crowded but if you are in the process of getting prayer while ranging this is the ultimate spot. There is one safespot from which you can range all three Moss giants (only 2 unless you already have one moss giant lined up blocking the 3rd).
The safespot is right here:

Moss Giants:
user posted image
Mossie no.1 will get stuck by the blue line, after that, you may attack mossie no.2 who will get stuck at the purple line (make sure he is beyond the purple line when you attack him), and after that you may attack mossie no.3, hes the hardest one to get stuck since you already have to have mossie no.1 stuck in order to get no.3 stuck at the green line.

However you have another option: The lessers demons.
The lesser demons offer a great training opportunity; they give decent drops and have fairly low defence and fairly high hitpoints (79). There are four places where you can range them;
1: In the wizard's tower on the top floor you will find one caged but you will once again not be able to pick up arrows and this spit is almost always crowded by mages so I recommend that you choose one of the other places.

Wizards Tower:
user posted image

2: On karamja island inside the volcano you will find alot of lesser demons however since it is a very popular and easy to access it is almost always crowded to a silly level. Tho if you get lucky and find an empty world, here are the safespots:

Karamjan Lessers:
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

The places that now follow are only accessable to those that have started and finished most of the Dragon slayer quest. You will have to have taken your ship to crandor and then walked down the dungeon on Crandor and opened the secret door at the end of the dungeon.

3: On crandor island itself there are 2 lesser demons spawning, it is easy to take cover and easy to pick up your arrows and it rarely gets crowded (Tho it does happen.). The safespots are as follows:

Crandorian Lessers:
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

4: If you continue down the dungeon on Crandor island you will have to pass some skeletons (lvl 22 and 45) before you can get to the lesser demons. This place gets crowded from time to time but almost always by meleers and since you are a ranger you will be able to get to the lessers first. There are no real safespots here and you will have to get the lessers un-agressive before you can start ranging  properly. The "safespots" are as follows:

user posted image
user posted image

From lvl 80-99

Now its getting hard to gain even one ranging level but you will have to stick with it :)
There are only two good options at this point. Some might say that going to the black knight's fortress will work but it cant even compare to lessers and so im leaving the black knights out. Continue with ranging lessers or go to the security stronghold's deepest level "The Sepulchure of Death".
As you reach the final level you must head south for as far as you can and then west through the first room and further west into the second. Here you will encounter the Ankous and the Skeletons, these will be your only friends from now on :). While the drops of the ankous and skeletons cant match the drops of lessers moneywise they might however be more conveniant than the rune medium helmet from a lesser demon. Ankous drop Adamanite arrows which you will need for PKing (assuming that is what you will do with your range level) and they also drop law runes (for you tele noobs) which you might use for teleporting to gain magic levels. There is about 2-3 safespots at the ankous but the far most efficiant one os the one right by the door and it is the only one i will mention. Here it is:

user posted image
The Ankous and Skeletons will get stuck in the any of the yellow spots. Only attack the ones that are withing the red area or they might run away.

The Ankous and Skeletons might seem a worse choice than lessers since they have more defence bonus and less hitpoints BUT the major difference is that ankous hardly EVER gets crowded (keep this place a secret to keep it that way please :)) and their amount... while there are about 5-6 lesser demons in Karamja volcano and on Crandor island there are 20+ Ankous and Skeletons (You can only reach about 6 from your safespot.) and they are all for you. You will often have to wait for a new lesser to spawn since the other one is occupied by a meleer. When you are finished killing one Ankou you can move on to another instantly and thereby reducing the time of staying idle, not getting experience.

That is pretty much everything there is to say about f2p range training. I left out some spots since i thought they were not good enought to mention (like white knights in falador and black knights at their fortress.). I also left out mentioning what arrows you should use at the certain places but that is really up to if you are training fast or cheap.

Me, For getting pictures, finding safespots and writing the whole thing.
Jagex, for making Runescape.
Bounty, cus hes so hawt.
I Wear Santa, for tipping me about the Ankous
Death Reborn, for selling me 24k iron arrows for a reasonable price allowing me to reach 99 range in F2P.


Q:How many arrows did it take you to 99?
A: I have no idea... i wasnt counting

Q: Why didnt you include (some certain spot)=
A: Probably because i didnt think it was good enough to put in the guide.

Q: Did you get from lvl 1 to lvl 99 all in f2p?
A: No, i got 1-55 f2p then 55-85 p2p then 85-89 f2p then 89-97 p2p then 97-99 f2p.

saraston god - September 11, 2009 12:18 PM (GMT)
awesome guide dude 10/10 ima use it maybe today ,id use it now but im getting some melee up :D

Dylan - September 11, 2009 01:11 PM (GMT)
good guide, very outdated GUI :P

65dragon3 - September 12, 2009 12:02 AM (GMT)
nice guide

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