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Title: Chuffa's Woodcutting guide

Chuffa - November 10, 2008 07:46 PM (GMT)
So, as requested here is my first guide, woodcutting.

Skill: Woodcutting
Status: F2P
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Low


Woodcutting is one of the most readily accessible skills in the game, it allows you to cut down any tree you like in Runescape, and can also be used to make money, or train other skills such as Firemaking and Fletching (if you're a member).

Starting out.

All you need to start woodcut is an axe. A bronze axe can be purchased from almost any general store in Runescape, for a very low price. With a bronze axe, you will be able to cut tree's, at a steady speed. All you need now, is to find tree's to chop!

Level's 1-15

At level 1, you can either use a Bronze, or Iron axe. Iron is faster, but slightly more expensive.

Your first stop would be cutting down tree's. Tree's can be found anywhere in Runescape, and give only one log per tree. To start of leveling Woodcutting, you should find a spot with alot of tree's and a bank to store logs, or an open space to burn them.

When i start out woodcutting, i find it best to either burn logs, in which case you will need a tinderbox, or fletch them if you are P2P. All you need to fletch is a knife, and then you can make 15 arrowshafts from one log. Arrowshafts are also stackable, so you needn't bank.

A perfect starting spot for free players, is south of Falador, and North of Rimmington, where there are plenty of trees, and open space to burn your logs.

user posted image

For a member, i suggest that you head here, it's close to banks, and easy to teleport to. It's just north of Catherby.

user posted image

These are the fastest ways to move on to better tree's in my opinion.

You can also upgrade to Steel and Black axes and level 6, which will improve your cutting speed.

Level 15-35

At level 15, you can cut Oak Tree's. I would cut these right away, as these tree's give more than one log, and are a refreshing change to normal tree's.

For free players you can find oak tree's east on Draynor. Shown below :)
user posted image

For P2P players, i would suggest the Oak's near Seer's Village.
user posted image

Both location's are close to banks, so your logs can be stored.

You can also use a Mithril Axe at level 21 Woodcut.

Level 30 - 45

At level 30, you can cut Willow tree's. In my opinion, these are the best xp logs in the game. I still cut these are level 98.

In free, you can find Willows by Draynor Village, south of the bank. I would say this is the best place for you.

For P2P players, I'd say Draynor is still a good spot, but i have two better locations.

Firstly is next to Barbarian Outpost. There is no bank here, but a deposit box.

This has a lot of tree's but get's crowded.

Now my personal woodcutting spot.. South of Ardouge south bank.
user posted image
There are about 5 Willow tree's here, and a short walk to the bank. Hardly anyone cuts here..

At level 35 you can cut Teak logs, but these are only used for construction.

Also, at level 31, you can cut with an Addy axe.
At level 41, you can use a Rune axe.

Level 45 - 60

If you are a free player, i would suggest cutting Willows all the way to level 60 as Maple tree's are P2P only.

IF you are a member, Maple tree's can be found behind Seer's bank. This is the best place in my Opinion to cut them.

Level 60-75.

At level 60, you can cut Yews, but i would recommend carrying on with Willows until 75+ Woodcut, as Yew's will be extremely slow to cut.

But if you wish to cut Yews here are my top spots..

For F2P i would suggest Edgeville, just south of the bank.

For P2P, i will give you my spot. Gnome Stronghold..
user posted image
Here, there a four Yew tree's, which hardly have anyone cutting, so are a great spot for AFK train :) The bank is just west of the tree's.

Yew's a decent exp, but i would only suggest cutting them for fletching or selling as they are worth around 400GP each.

At level 61, you can cut with a Dragon Axe.

If you have completed All Fired Up, you can cut with the Inferno Adze. The Inferno Adze acts as a pickaxe and woodcutting axe. When woodcutting with this item, there's a chance it will burn every fourth or fifth log and you'll receive the Firemaking experience.

Level's 75+

Now, you can cut Magic tree's, although i wouldn't recommend it until 85+, because they will be so slow.

Magic Tree's are P2P only, and sell for quite alot, so the only reason to cut them would be for money, not exp.

In my opinion the best place to cut Magic tree's is.. The Mage training arena!

user posted image

There are a few trees here you can cut, and it's not so busy..

You can also cut Magic's, south of Seer's by the tower, Gnome Stronghold, and Lleyta.

Other Methods of gaining Woodcut XP.

There is a mini-game involving woodcutting. What this mini-game involves is cutting back the jungle around the Tai Bwo Wannai Village and repairing the fence around the village. While hacking away at the jungle with your machete, you can find one of several events. A monster may jump out at you such as a Broodoo Victim, Bush Snake Tribesmen or some Mosquitoes. You could also find a gem rock or uncover a rare goutweed plant.

You can also grow your own tree's and cut them down.

You can also cut down the tree near Edgeville, to create a raft.


At level 44 Woodcut, you can wear fulll Lumberjack, but in my opinion it is not worth doing the quests involved to get it.

Full Lumberjack gives 2% exp more per log..

My Top Tips.

- When you start out, burn your logs for quick xp, it save's banking.

- Fletch or burn all logs up to Yew's as it will level you up at a pace, and gives you a little time out from Woodcut.

- Cut Willows for exp. Willows can give from 20K to 50K woodcut exp per hour, the best exp in game. If you want to power level, cut these.

- Yew's, and Magic's. Only cut these to fletch or sell, otherwise there isn't much point in wasting time.

- Buy a Dragon Axe as soon as you can cut with it. It is much faster than any other axe, and speed's up your road to 99 Woodcut.

If anyone has any more questions, let me know..

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