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Title: Glossary of Terms
Description: What what means

King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:54 PM (GMT)
There are some terms you must familiarize yourself with. Some are more used than anothers, but skimming through them once in a while is good.

AL = Ancient Legion (Also used on calling)
HC = High Council
EC = Event Coordinator
AWOL = Absent without official leave (willingly missing a mandatory event)
TA = Technical Admin
LTH = Lethality (on of our allies)
TPL = The Phoenix Legion (another ally)
KoD = Knights of Death (ally as well)
FI = Fall In (right click -> follow)
DD = Death Dot (stand on the same spot the caller)
WP = Wrong Player/Person (when you PM the wrong person)
WC = Wrong Chat (when you say things on the CC instead of the public chat and vice-versa)
GF = Good fight (a way of assuming defeat, as well victory)
GL = Good luck

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