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Title: Warring 101
Description: Learn our basic strategies

King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:49 PM (GMT)
Clan Warring 101

Although we have a lot of different events, Ancient Legion's main focus is clan warring, especially F2P. We aspire to be the best low-level warring clan in the game. Therefore, it's important that our recruits become aquainted with some basic clan wars terminology and strategy that you'll find us using.

Common Clan Wars terms

Hugging Hugging is when a player runs around the barriers of a particular clan arena. This process "catches" opposing players on the barriers, allowing you to not get hit as much. For a good explanation of hugging made by one of our former members, watch this video.

Piling Piling is when everyone in the clan attacks a particular person, usually the opposing clan's lowest level, at the same time. Piling is very important. A leader or warlord will call a pile target (someone to pile), and everyone is expected to pile that person. That means constantly attack them until they're dead. Once that person dies, the leader or warlord will call a new target, and everyone will repeat the process.

Spamming Spamming in Clan Wars, like most other uses of spam, isn't pointless. When we're piling someone, spam their name. This will help everyone keep track of who we're piling.

Binding Binding is also very important, as it keeps our opponents from hugging. Binding, as the name would suggest, is when one of our players uses the spell bind to hold the opponent in place. Everyone with a magic level over 60 in Ancient Legion is expected to bring binds to the war.

AL's Clan Wars slang

Fall in. This is the most important one of all. "Fall in" or "all in" means follow. So, if a leader or warlord calls "fall in" or "all in", it's important to immediately follow that person.

DD. "DD" stands for "death dot". This is where everyone stands on exactly one spot, making the minimap look like there's only one person where there are actually many. To form a DD, you need to walk on the person who calls it by using the "walk here" option. This is an important tactic we'll use a lot.

AL (name) When a leader calls "AL (name), it means to attack that person. So, if a leader were to say "AL Zezima", it would mean for the entire clan to attack Zezima. Pretty cool, eh?

The Inventory

For Ancient Legion's wars, everyone is expected to bring either swordfish or anchovy pizza as food, and an explorers' ring. Anyone with a magic level over 60 must bring binds and robes. Warriors are expected to bring full rune and a rune scimmy, along with a strength potion. Mages should bring binds and the best blast runes they can. Rangers should bring maple shortbow, full dragonhide, and addy arrows. If everyone uses their top equipment, Ancient Legion will be a much better force in warring.

More information

For more information about how to get to Clan Wars and what to bring, please check out the following guides.

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If you have any questions about anything here, please talk to a leader or warlord.

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