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King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:38 PM (GMT)
<li><strong><font color="#0000FF">Leader - </font></strong><font color="#0000FF">King Arthur</font>. <br>
If you have a question, send him a personal message (PM) with whatever question you might have. You'll hear back from him soon. Please also add him in game so he can answer any questions you might have in game. He is in charge of day-to-day operations, schedule some events, manage recruiting, update the forums, answer questions from members, announce promotions, etc.</li>
<li><strong><font color="#FF0000">High Council</font></strong><font color="#FF0000"> - Lit, Kerk and Alex
</font>The council serve as administrators, helping the leaders to keep the forums organized and in shape. The council also advises the leaders and decides key issues. To become one, you must be appointed as one.</li>
<li><strong><font color="green">Senior Members -</font></strong><font color="green">Animal, FiveyMan, Icewolf68 and Chuffa
</font>The Senior Members are members who do an outstanding job of staying active in the clan, being friendly. They serve as forum moderators and receive kicking power on the clan chat.</li>
<li><strong><font color="gray">Event Coordinators - </font></strong><font color="gray">Banana, Blompty2, Dude12Dragon, Gameguy535 and Jss<br>
</font>They are members responsible for scheduling and leading events. If you want to suggest an event, contact one of them, or post it on the &quot;Request an Event&quot; forum. Of course, they aren't the only ones that can schedule/lead events. If you want to host your own event, post it on &quot;Members Events&quot;.</li>
<li><strong><font color="#FF5300">Warlord - </font></strong> <font color="#FF5300">Dager007 <br>
</font>As the rank suggests, they lead the clan on clan wars, as well schedule warring training sessions.</li>
<li><font color="brown"><strong>Technical Administrator</strong> - King Arthur</font><br>
He takes care of the forums as well all of its mods. If you got a question about the forum system, or want a quicker name change, PM him.</li>
All but leader can be attained by any member of AL. With a vacant spot and a nice application anyone can get the spot. If you want to be considered for a rank promotion, you just have to be yourself. If a spot gets vacant, applications will be asked and if you are interested, send in your application and you might get the spot!

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