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Title: Topic descriptions
Description: Where to post what

King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:37 PM (GMT)
<p>The forums have five categories which you might find useful to know their general purpose:</p>
<li><strong>Council -</strong> Here you'll find forums directed to maintaning the clan's environment:
<li><strong>Council of Elders </strong>- These forums are visible to high ranked staff, and are used for clan discussions. Visible to Leaders and High Council.</li>
<li><strong>Scripts and Files</strong> - These are forums used by our current Technical Admin to easily modify and host scripts and flash objects used on the forums.</li>
<li><strong>The War Room</strong> - These are used by Warlords, High Council and Leaders to manage the warring strategies and plans.</li>
<li><strong>Event Coordinator Forum</strong> - These are used by our Event Coordinators to schedule, organize and discuss events.</li>
<li><strong>Council of Members</strong> - Any member can post here to suggest, criticize or report a disturbance on the clan. </li>
<li><strong>Clan</strong> - Forums used for the ranked staff as well other members to interact with each other, scheduling events, contests, and announcing news.
<li><strong>Ancient Legion Rules</strong> - Every Ancient Legion Rule can be found here. If you'd like to refer on a rule to base an argument on, here's the place.</li>
<li><strong>News</strong> - All clan and forum news are announced here.</li>
<li><strong>Official Runescape News</strong> - Here, our members copy and paste the news directly from Runescape Website, allowing our members to discuss them.</li>
<li><strong>Events</strong> - Allies, Event Coordinators and Members can advertise their events here. While advertising, you can request the Tech Admin a Headline for your event.</li>
<li><strong>Past Events</strong> - Events that are already over are moved here, and you are free to post event recaps to allow future discussion.</li>
<li><strong>Contests </strong> - All contest-related material can be found here, including next-contest polls, current contest leaderboards and contest winners. </li>
<li><strong>Diplomacy</strong> - This are the forums about AL's interaction with the external world.
<li><strong>Joining</strong> - New members are required to post their applications here.</li>
<li><strong>Full Member Applications</strong> - Once you meet the requirements, you may apply for Full Membership here. </li>
<li><strong>Alliance</strong> - Alliances are proposed here . </li>
<li><strong>War</strong> - Wars are proposed here.</li>
<strong>Community</strong> - Here are the general forums, where you can interact with the community.
<li><strong>General Chat</strong> - Everything you can't fit anywhere eles, goes here.</li>
<li><strong>Runescape/Clan Discussion</strong> - Clan related general discussion comes here. How to improve the clan, suggestions for the forum, things that are happening on Runescape that may or may not affect us.</li>
<li><strong>Arcade Discussion</strong> - Here you may discuss anything about our arcade. Games, tournaments, challenges... You can also suggest a new game or a new tournament here.</li>
<li><strong>Real-Life Discussion</strong> - Everything not related to RS comes here.</li>
<li><strong>GFX </strong> - Pixel wizards, photoshops and other images go here.</li>
<li><strong>Questions and Polls</strong> - Any member can post a poll on anything, or even a simple question so all the other members can answer and discuss about.</li>
<li><strong>Marketplace</strong> - Feel free to sell/buy or lend your stuff here, before heading on to the Grand Exchange.</li>
<li><strong>Achievements/Blogs/Goals</strong> - You are allowed to post here a thread, passible of CSS edition, and immune to the double-post rule. These threads can be about skilling goals on Runescape as well Real Life goals.</li>
<li><strong>Forum Games</strong> - You can do pretty much here, seeing that this forum does not increase your post count. </li>
<li><strong>The Door</strong>
<li><strong>Introduction</strong> - Post a simple paragraph about you so people can know a little more about you.</li>
<li><strong>Vacation</strong> - Post here if you want a leave for a predetermined amount of time, during which you won't be punished for missing events.</li>
<li><strong>Leaving</strong> - If you'd like to leave AL, please post your reason, and whether you are joining another clan or creating a new one, so we can adjust your forum permissions as needed. </li>

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