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Title: Offences Weights
Description: And their Forum Warning counterparts

King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:36 PM (GMT)
[dohtml]All offences are divided into four categories of offences, each with it's own punishments:</p>
<li><strong>Light Offence</strong> - When commiting a Light Offence, you will not receive a Forum Warning, although you might get a pretty nasty PM from the Leaders/Council scolding you for what you may have done.</li>
<li><strong>Medium Offence</strong> - You will receive 1 Forum Warning, and might have posting privileges removed for up to 12h.</li>
<li><strong>Heavy Offence</strong> - You will receive 3 Forum Warnings, and will have your account suspended for 24h, as well your ability to join the clan chat. </li>
<li><strong>Very Heavy Offence</strong> - You will be banned, although you might stay if the High Council votes for your permanence on the clan. </li>
<p>We currently use the Warning system to keep track of how people are behaving themselves. Although all forum warnings are removed with time (just like Runescape BlackMark system), you should try and keep your Warning Level at zero. If you get your Warning Level up to 6, you will be banned, with no fore-warning.</p>
<p>Also, bear in mind that five Light Offences make a Medium Offence, so your double posts will not go unnoticed.</p>

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