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Title: Offences Listing
Description: Here is the DO NOT's list

King Arthur - July 29, 2009 09:31 PM (GMT)
[dohtml] <ul>
<li><strong>Do not flame</strong> (Medium Offence)

Flaming means insulting or accusing with no foundations other members. This attitude is not tolerated on the forums, neither on the Clan Chat. If you spot a flamer on the forums, please report the post and <em>do not</em> try to scold or berate the flamer.</li>
<li><strong>Do not double-post</strong> (Light Offence)

Double posting wastes both physical space on the forum's servers and looks unattractive, as well increasing the user's post count. If you mistakenly double post, report your own post (saying that you double post), so it will be removed and your post count adjusted. "Forum Games", "SPAM" and "Blogs and Achievements" are immunie to this rule.

However, if you double post on purprose, you will be warned.</li>
<li><strong>Do not bump old topics </strong>(Light Offence)

Since the moderators can't go locking every thread that dies, we kindly ask you to notice when was the last post made. If the last post was made more than seven days ago, do not post on it, unless you do it to revive the discussion. Some forums, because of their nature, are immune to this rule. These are: "Runescape Stories", "Runescape Guides", "Guides in Progress", "Marketplace", "Forum Games" and "SPAM".</li>
<li><strong>No offensive images</strong> (Light/Medium Offence)

Do not post pornographic images, offensive images or excessive shocking images, either on posts, avatars or signatures. These will be removed as soon as noticed. (Explicit pornography is considered a Medium Offence)</li>
<li><strong>Activate JavaScript and Flash Objects</strong> (Light Offence)

These forums are heavily modified through JavaScripts and contains a few Flash Objects. Some of the scripts are there to enforce one or another rule. Circumventing that script to evade the rule results in an offence.</li>
<li><strong>Do not abuse the HTML tag </strong>(Medium Offence) <strong>

</strong>We have enabled the HTML tag so the users can express their views in a prettier way, when needed. If you know how to program CSSheets, you are allowed to change the forum skin <em>only on your blog</em>. If you change the skin or your skin blocks the Copyright, Forum Banner, or any other important piece of information, the skin will be removed.</li>
<li><strong>No flaming </strong>(Medium Offence)<br>
Do not flame, insult or offend fellow members on the Clan Chat. If you were a victim of flaming, please take a screen shot (press the &quot;Print Screen/PrntScr&quot; key above the &quot;Insert&quot; key on your keyboard, paste it on MSPaint or any other image editor and save the image) and send it to either the High Council or Leaders.</li>
<li><strong>No offensive language </strong>(Light Offence)<br>
Although Runescape Chat Filter is an advanced one, it can be circumvented. However, it shouldn't be. Using excessive bad language on the clan chat (as long as not directly insulting someone) is taken light by us. <em>However, that's not the case with Jagex. </em></li>
<li><strong>Do not report fellow clanmembers</strong> (Medium Offence)<br>
Notwithstanding you want to become a PMod or want to test the report system, do not report fellow clanmembers. All offences commited on the Clan Chat are first to be discussed by the Council/Leaders. If we find out that you reported someone, you will be punished.</li>
<li><strong>Do not betray the clan</strong> (Very Heavy Offence)<br>
The clan is a trusty community. Joining the clan to make fuzz on it, harrassing other members, continuously flaming and interal affairs advertising (telling others how can they &quot;hurt&quot; the clan is considered treason, and will result in a ban.)</li>
<li><strong>You are to always attend to mandatory events. </strong> (Medium Offence)<br> Any mandatory events (SP Wars, Official Clan Wars, Multi Clan events) are to be attended to. AWOLl'ing it will 'reward' you with a Medium Offence.

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