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Title: "War of the knights"!!!!

Mat - July 26, 2009 11:02 AM (GMT)
Event Name:war of the knights

Event Date and Time :1st august (saturday) 16:00GMT

Event World, meeting place:tbc, ice mountain/white knight fortress

F2p or P2p?:f2p

Description:two rivals who are as good as each other at everything in every single way have been arguing. the black knight leader tihnks that he should dominate the world with the white knight leader as his right hand man while the white knight leader will do anything to prevent that happening. the arguing has reached fever pitch an the two men have been gathering armies.YOU will decide who was right.YOU will choose good or evil. YOU will go to a pvp world nd fight for glory. you, my friends, are the Chosen Ones.

What to bring:black armour if on the black knights side and steel armour if on the white knights side.

Other info:if everyone goes on one team i will have to force people to join the other team.

P.S i need another person to lead the black knights and argue with me!

i will be leader of the white knights
old faintman will be leader of the black knights

Animal - July 26, 2009 11:08 AM (GMT)
Nope, 4 am. Nice idea though. :)

Mat - July 26, 2009 11:11 AM (GMT)
thanks ani :wub:

i think if this one goes well illl schedule one that suits everyone :D

and thanks for reading the long storyline. If you did that is lol

Old faintman - July 26, 2009 11:38 AM (GMT)
i can be that black knight leader :P
Just need to get black full and black scim :P
What Ammys allowed? Power,Str,Def?

naruto o14 - July 26, 2009 05:14 PM (GMT)
I'll come ill be one the white team with mat. :ninja:

101laxkid2 - July 26, 2009 10:33 PM (GMT)
soz cant come... wont be home. Nice idea though, hope i can go to another one somethign like it maybe.

Mat - July 27, 2009 05:44 AM (GMT)
btw any ammys and any boots. gloves have to be your teams (fog ones that is)

use your teams colour for weapons.

65dragon3 - July 27, 2009 10:08 AM (GMT)
i might tag along even tho its 4am for us :P

Jss268 - July 28, 2009 03:52 PM (GMT)
wewt this sounds like fun i hope i can be there :yes:

U R Dead Nao - July 28, 2009 04:53 PM (GMT)
finally, an event i can make it to! my girlfriend will be working and i will be free to play :D

hes 123 - July 28, 2009 05:06 PM (GMT)
im will be!

Gameguy535 - July 29, 2009 06:37 AM (GMT)
ill try to set myy alarm for 12pm est sice i clearly stay up too late eill like 3 or 4 in the morning playing wii, rs or watching tv

Redeyes2496 - July 31, 2009 03:12 PM (GMT)
I'll be on vacation by then, but this is a great, creative idea. Nice thinking Mat :sunglasses:

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