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Title: Ancient Legion Warring Guide - How to Pray

Kevinsaurus - July 24, 2009 02:28 PM (GMT)
This is the first of a series of guides that I am working on to help benefit the whole clan in terms of warring. The video for this guide should be up soon if I can get somebody to help me do it.

Ancient Legion Warring Guide

How to Pray

- When attacking with melee do not pray anything. It is not necessary to pray in this situation because if you stay on the pile (For piling tips, see the How to Pile guide), there will be enough hits and people that praying isn't effective. It is best to save this prayer for when one is tanking.

- While attacking with mage (in our wars, this is more or less just binding), do not pray anything. Praying is not needed because mage isn't a huge factor in our wars. If you follow the Ancient Legion standards and bind only if told to or if your mage level is high enough, your robes should suffice for good binding.

- While attacking with ranged it is not necessary to pray, but if you want very effective hits, you should pray. Sharp eye and Hawk Eye are the suggested prayers, depending on your level. Sharp eye uses 1 prayer point every 12 seconds and Hawk eye uses 1 prayer points every 6 seconds. Do not pray Eagle Eye because it drains 1 prayer point every 3 seconds, prayer points you need later for tanking.

- While tanking, if you are being attacked by only 1 or 2 people do not use your prayer. You can find alternate ways to escape from having to use up a lot of your food, in ways such as hugging (for tips, see the How to Hug guide). Therefore, do not pray anything unless there are 3 or more people piling you. In that situation, you should pray protect from melee. Thick Skin or Rock skin (uses 1 prayer point every 12 and 6 seconds, respectively), can be used also for prayer, but not unless one is running low on food and still has a lot of prayer points remaining. In our wars, you should never pray protect from range or mage. It is pointless to protect from the binds as they will get you eventually anyways. Protecting from range is not necessary as well because rangers usually snipe the binders mostly and do not focus on a pile on a meleer.

- As a side note, it is very difficult to do so, but if you can time clicking your prayer on and off while hugging around the barriers, you will be able to save a lot of prayer points, which will help you tank for longer periods of time.

- Use the quick prayer option to enable you to turn your protect from melee prayer on quickly while still being able to eat from your inventory tab.

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