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Title: Starwolf ftw is FTW

Poison730 - July 17, 2009 03:58 AM (GMT)

red ring 95 - July 17, 2009 04:36 AM (GMT)
star makes idol winners look terrible!

Starwolf Ftw - July 17, 2009 04:39 AM (GMT)
She's so hot, I just had to sing something in her hotness, I mean, honor. :wub:

65dragon3 - July 17, 2009 06:47 AM (GMT)
mhm it was good better than most ppl ive seen :P

animal magik - July 17, 2009 07:58 AM (GMT)
Omg I knew it would be Taylor Swift. >.<
Pretty good but if I played it to my sister she'd be embarrassed. :P Maybe I will do that. :o

U R Dead Nao - July 17, 2009 07:09 PM (GMT)
just imagine star covering her in this video :P

Starwolf Ftw - July 17, 2009 11:59 PM (GMT)
I knit sweaters yo! :P

I only sang because everyone was asking everyone to sing.. and I got tired of their [BEEP] , so I sang.

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