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Title: FOG Event
Description: Success!

Lit - July 11, 2009 02:51 PM (GMT)
Type of event: FOG Event
Date: July 10
Time it started (in GMT): 1am OCT
Duration of event: ~1 hour+
Who came to the event (name members):

Sick Mate9
Choufli Hal (Kerk's brother)

Tell me if I forgot anyone.

Comment: (A comment about anything you want to say about the event) My first event was complete success! We were able to make our own FOG World and had lots of fun. 65Dragon3 did an awesome job tanking and 3-way attacking, cheers to him! :D
Rating: (Rating is #/5 star) 5 for sure! :yes:
Pics (if any): Have an event attendees pic on my other computer, will upload later.

tubu1982 - July 11, 2009 02:54 PM (GMT)
i came and its 65dragon3 i think. and kerks brother account name is choufli hal

also while i was playing sickmate this happened
user posted image

Lit - July 11, 2009 03:01 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the names. And yes, Sick is leet sometimes. Though not against me it looks. :lol:

Kerkennah - July 11, 2009 03:31 PM (GMT)
Loved the event lit, very well done :wub: I'm glad so many of us were there, playing against each other was even more fun :D

Here are some pictures :D

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Lit - July 11, 2009 04:49 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the pics Kerk! And I'd like to specify that I got 0 charges (last picture) because I wanted to play against Kevin so I exited. I also lagged on my match against 65Dragon3 and we couldn't finish it. Other than those two I won everything. :sunglasses:

Tomas_Speed - July 11, 2009 07:16 PM (GMT)
Those points will be very usefull in the future :D
Im glad you guys had fun... Nice event Lit, sorry i coudnt come

Redeyes2496 - July 11, 2009 08:47 PM (GMT)
This was a fun event. I only got to play one game before I had to log off, but I won with like, 2000+ charges :sunglasses: Good time, lots of fun.

Dylan - July 12, 2009 01:54 AM (GMT)
i wouldve come but something important popped up at the last minute >:(

btw, 65dragon3 is my rl friend.

Kevinsaurus - July 13, 2009 01:49 AM (GMT)
teehee that was a super fun event ^_^
no losses for me muahaha :party:
66-game winning streak now lol :D

Gameguy535 - July 13, 2009 03:26 AM (GMT)
srry i didnt come i kinda forgot

Sick Mate 9 - July 13, 2009 11:18 AM (GMT)
this event was pretty sickk :)

@kev- i didnt verse you anyway so... your lucky :P

here are some of my "1337" pictures =D

user posted image
(and 65dragon3 in the last two scores)

and for the most epic FOG score ever!!!!
user posted image
woot woot. thanks for that tubu =D

but overal it was an amazing event

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