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Title: 26k Fiasco

Golden - July 8, 2009 02:10 AM (GMT)
So, I was watching Lamb and Lordblack do 26k in a BH world this evening, and something so hilarious happened I needed to relate it. Below is a summary of events.


Lamb: right outside of Clan Wars, waiting for Lordblack to show up.
Lordblack: trying to hunt down an ring to teleport there.
Noob 1: Level 86 just inside Clan Wars (safe area), armed with dragon scimmy. The killer in a 26k operation.
Noob 2: Level 82 just inside Clan Wars (safe area), with nothing, but presumably with cash. The to-be-killed in the 26k operation.


Noob 1: "We can't go out now, Lamb is watching us"
Noob 2: "Lol"
Noob 1: "Lol"

A few moments later...

Noob 1 and Noob 2 both decide to make a break for it and walk outside. Lamb attacks Noob 2. After Lamb hits a 4, Noob 2 turns to walk back inside Clan Wars. Then, a teleblock flies in hitting Noob 1, closely followed by a bind. A team of level ~75 pures has descended out of nowhere. Noob 1 is downed in about 2 seconds, losing all his 26k money. :yes: One of the pures is level 76 with a magic skillcape.

Noob 2: "Dam you all pures you can smd I hate you" :lol:

Has something like this ever happened to you? :blink:

Icewolf68 - July 8, 2009 04:24 AM (GMT)
Lmao yeah...

Nick (Nickedemus16) and I were doing the 26k trick not too long ago at clan wars cause we both had ep (he had 81 and i had 50). I killed him first at the north end of Clan Wars.

I pmed him saying, wait for this mager/ranger guy to leave, and the guy waits for a minute, then runs just out of view out the west end of Clan Wars. We both jump out and just as I kill him, the guy comes back from around the corner and starts ancienting me and ranging me. I'm quickly picking up the loot (d hally, bandos icon, 26k coins, combat bracelet, and a few other things) and eating like mad. I manage to get out of his bind and in a safe zone only to realise I left the combat brace out there! :o So i booked it out there and picked it up, only to get anciented and ranged again... Managed to survive to see another day, left with no food, 18 hp and about 300k loot XD

We moved to a pvp world after that and took turns there!


Lord - July 8, 2009 01:29 PM (GMT)
rofl, i thought it was gonna be bout me and lamb... lol guess not =)

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