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Title: [ACCEPTED]Puranox's Full Member Application

Puranox - July 5, 2009 08:14 PM (GMT)
1. Runescape name/forum name: Puranox

2. Have you attended at least two events? Please list them. Yes, Fivey's Pest Control Event and the War Practice today.

3. How many posts have you made? 39 (at the time I'm posting this (including this post)).

4. Do you have at least one set of full rune that you'll have available at all times? Do you have a gold explorers' ring? Yes, but uhm.. I might have to complete the final part of the achievement diary, so I can get that Explorer's Ring 3.

5. What is your combat level (freeplay)? 86

6. Please define the terms hug, pile, and fall in: Hug: Running behind an obstacle/a barrier to avoid attacks - Pile (x): Everybody attacks player x - Fall in: Follow; the leader or warlord yelling fall in (or fi).

7. Do you have any comments/suggestions about Ancient Legion or its staff, members, or activity? I really like the clan, good activity, great people and lots of events, so I have nothing bad to say.

8. What will you do to help make Ancient Legion a better place to clan? Be friendly and helpful, take part in events and attend to wars whenever possible.

9.Do you promise to be active and loyal to Ancient Legion? Yes I do.

Lit - July 5, 2009 08:23 PM (GMT)
As long as you try finishing the last part of the Lumbridge Achievement Diary and get the ring, I don't see any problems. Your app will surely be accepted.

King Arthur - July 5, 2009 09:43 PM (GMT)
Congratulations! You have been accepted as a Full Member.
You can now participate on Official Wars, and are now a representative of AL against other clans.
> But try and get the explorer ring three ASAP, ok?

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