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Title: Barbarian Assault
Description: An event for P2P's out there

King Arthur - June 30, 2009 12:26 AM (GMT)
Event Name: Barbarian Assault
Event Date and Time (OCT, please): 2-July-2009 / 9:00 PM OCT
Event World, meeting place: Any P2P world, as long as we get enough players.
F2p or P2p?: P2P
Description: Barbarian Assault Minigame. Let's gather enough points here and there to get some penance items :)
What to bring: It depends on your class. Read a guide for more info.
Other info: If you have never played it before, I strongly suggest you read a guide and maybe a video tutorial, otherwise you'll miss the whole fun of the minigame.

> My guide is
> guide is:

Tomas_Speed - June 30, 2009 06:39 AM (GMT)
I can go, but i might be late... :(

Lets see how many rounds i am gonna miss

Kerkennah - June 30, 2009 12:15 PM (GMT)
5pm for me, I'll try my best to make it :)

101laxkid2 - June 30, 2009 04:49 PM (GMT)
probably will make it, I call dibs on collector (level 3 :)) :P

Icewolf68 - July 2, 2009 12:38 AM (GMT)
:o I'm the best at BA! :) (Level 5 healer, 4 in defence and attack, and 3 in collector)
Wish I asked for this rank earlier and I could have come :(


101laxkid2 - July 2, 2009 02:56 AM (GMT)
dude it doesnt happen till tomorrow, so u still can

Icewolf68 - July 2, 2009 03:57 AM (GMT)
He changed the date of it about an hour ago, I think it was originally a typo :P


woody lt pk - July 2, 2009 08:21 AM (GMT)
I dont know if i'm gonna make it cuz my time and clan date and my dates are confusin
:D im like when we goed moel hunt and fire giants itm was 1st july and fire giants were 2nd july

Runeter2 - July 2, 2009 10:41 AM (GMT)
I'm bound to come :D

Icewolf68 - July 3, 2009 05:59 AM (GMT)
Sorry I didn't make an appearance, my mom unexpectedly decided that today was the day we would go to rogers and figure out why I couldn't activate my my5 on my iPhone, and look for birthday ideas for me (15 days to 17 ;) )


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