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Title: Runescape Riddles

Kevinsaurus - June 20, 2009 11:44 AM (GMT)
Well I'm bored, so I'm deciding to make Runescape riddles... post any riddles about runescape you know here and let everyone else try to guess the answer!

Here's my first one, it's a common one kinda:

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will always kill me. Who am I?

blompty2 - June 20, 2009 12:15 PM (GMT)
tht demon from demon slayer

Kevinsaurus - June 20, 2009 12:23 PM (GMT)
yup, u got it rite, good job blompty...

The answer is Delrith from the Demon Slayer f2p quest.

If you fight him u break his bnoes and stuff, but only the encantation can kill him at the end of the quest...

Next puzzle!:

The 27th and the 7th, depending on which,
And the 48th, in height
The second is the fifth,
My number is the first without the second, minus the last

A star has come down,
I melt the ground
A path to a wall,
A gate forbidden

Beneath the mighty spiky ones I lie
Awaiting those who brave the dangers,
To claim me, and thus earn the second, the first, and two others
Air, Earth, Water, Fire
What am I?

Mat - June 27, 2009 01:20 PM (GMT)
3rd one is the dagganoths in the light house?

2nd one is you from the quest between a rock?

1st one i have absolutely no clue about

Runeter2 - June 27, 2009 03:03 PM (GMT)
The last one is Dagganoth Mother from the Horror From The Deep quest.

Kevinsaurus - June 28, 2009 09:08 AM (GMT)
lol actually guys the whole thing is one riddle lmao... all three paragraphs are together =P... keep trying

Runeter2 - June 28, 2009 01:46 PM (GMT)
Oh, oh! The demon in Edgeville dungeon!?

Kevinsaurus - June 28, 2009 01:47 PM (GMT)
nope... this one's sooo difficult... lemme know when u give up dppl...

Kevinsaurus - June 28, 2009 01:55 PM (GMT)
New riddle: Zaros I am, Zaros I'm not. I have a slave while you do not. I've crossed the lands far and wide, my knowlegde is bona fide. What is the final letter of my name?

101laxkid2 - June 28, 2009 06:08 PM (GMT)
in the hard riddle i think the second paragraph is referring to the barb village near the lighthouse, the third one to the mother in the lighthouse, and maybe something to do with taht area in first? really way out there but maybe referring to the barcrawl? like the number of bars u have to go to... to get into a certain place, to finish a quest? Lol waaaaaaaaaay out there...

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