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Title: book of smd
Description: It is long!!!!!!!!

Smd277 - June 18, 2009 08:42 PM (GMT)
Ok i am going to go through a huge intro to who Smd is! I am bored so i am making it long. you might find it interesting, but i dont blame you if you dont read it.

First of all a little about me.

My name is Shane Michael Davis. I live in pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United states. I am 18 years old graduated high school and am attending the community college of allegheny county. i work as a busboy in a restaruant and i make alot of money atleast for my age i do. I am a huge avid video gamer. I love video games, some say im a loser or nerd but its what i like to do. I still go out on weekends and have a good time. I have been playing runescape off and on for 4 years now. i have about 5 accounts but i only use smd! I play world of warcraft, Xbox 360 alot as i am an spiring MLG (major league gaming) pro. I am great in The halo series, Gears of war series, and call of duty series. I also play alot of sport and raacing games on 36 as well. My record is spotless i dont drink i dont smoke i dont do drugs i never got in trouble with the law, i am as close to perfect as i can invision and am proud of it. I am highly intellegent i am currently working on my associates degree in computer applications. and will be transfering to robert morris universtiy for my masters!

enough about me time for my runescape story.

Chapter 1

So 4 years ago 4 of m friends played runescape classic (sonic fan112) as some people may remember him form previous clans. They convinced me to try it and i thought it was horrible and never played it again. I still have my classis account! Well for a month all they did was playrunescape i got fed up with it and quit talking to them for a month because i did not want to hear about runescape.
A month later i was hanging out with them and they convinced me to try again only this time it was runescape 2. I played and got hooked! played every day and every night quickly found out all about this game got stronger and richer. i owned in runescape. it took 77 levels to get this game down pat. Now you may wonder why 77 huh? well 77 was the beggining of the creation of the runescape monster smd277!
So at level 77 that was when i decided to train all around i was always a warrior but my favoirte skill was ranged. So i started to train that and it was awesome i was so happy having the funnest runescape times yet. That level was also when i got my first membership subscription. i spent most of that membership just figuring out the member lands and skills. Getting used to a runescape i was unfalmilliar with.
At this time my best friend william joined runescape. That made me play even more he quickly learned the game and got members as well. I joined my frist clan which was called Empire of ownage. it was a great clan went on my first pk trips they helped med understand this game from a veterans point fo view. sadly EoO dief of inactivity. We were allies with a clan called HoF or Heros of the future i joined them when EoO died and that was the most experienced clan i have ever been in. They had strong mmbers always pked and warred it was great times there.

Chapter 2

So by this time i was level 90ish EoO was reopening so HoF kindly realized why i wanted to go back. I went back and got my first possition in leadership as a pk leader (i led pk trips). This was when my runescape career went upside down! EoO had a Kalphite queen trip. I was lvl 90 with full rune and a d scimitar easily noob gear. there were lvl 100+ with veracs (ideal kq killing gear) we killed her once and nothing. Second time we killed her i got what at the time was the most envious item ever. The DRAGON CHAIN! sold it for a quick 25m! This would be the begginning of the addiction that both me and william faced.
I gve him about 5 mill my EoO mates about 3 mill each and had about 10m for myself! William used that money and got addicted to staking where he would win and lose millions of cash a day! i used my money more wisley and put it toward skills and combat. This time EoO died again due ti inactivity. I was clanless and decided to not go back to HoF. I found a clan that william was in called FoS or federation Of supremacy. these were the nicest and funniest guys i have ever met and will always be near my heart as friends! We went omn pk trips and wars it was also great times.
Now this was the height of my addiction i camped in ardounge dungeon where i trained on ogres and burried thier bones where i was growing around 2 combat levels a week. i did this untill i reached the most coveted accomplishment i had which was get to level 100! Once i reached this i skilled working on my total level and skills taking a break from combat training. William kept staking and won excess amonunts of 100m+ a day. Being best friends he always gave me money which i put to skilling but most importantly i put it toward rare items. i bought full dragon with a red halloween mask and whip and fury i was a walking 100m person. (you can see why i was addicted)

Chapter 3

This was when it began to go downhill! I was getting bored and thought i wanted to quit so i did. i resisted temptation and did that by getting rid of smd! i brok every rule in front of a j mod gold crown to ensure i would never get him back! Big mistake i realized i still needed runescape. This was the era of pures so since i did not have smd i made a pure got him good a range pure. always pked on him then got him def, mistake!!!! so i made another one a range pure as well! i still have both these accounts! i pked alot as well and just had fun in the wilderness while william was still addicted to staking! i madde my first clan and led it called AoP or Allicane of Pures! (IF members the Aop boards are the same ones we used for inevitable force, however AoP dief of inactivity)
Well thewilderness was short lived and i grew out of it. I reallized i wanted smd! Now you ask how could i get it back if i was banned from a j mod???? Simple thanks Yahoo!!!! I emailed jagex billign support 15 times a day every day asking pelading making up excuses to get smd back. Eventually they gave in and i got my walking 100m account back!. this time i Joiend the clan which is considered one of the greatest of all time Solar Angels SA! this clan owned in every aspect but this was the time i took my first break from runescape and left for 2 months!
Sonic fan112 convinced me to come back as i did! he got me to join golden phoenix! i met some great people there. Then we merged in to Forces of brotherhood where i worked my way up in to council! Here we went on many clan war trips and lot of kbd trips in hope of getting a visage which we never did! I still have and watch the video on my zune of the first great FoB trip to clan wars! This was when FoB melted down. in clan desicions and members left from all directions! including me!

Chapter 4

i created Inevitable force. Alot of members from foB came and i rewarded them with leadership positions! one member however my best friends did not come! William officially quit runescape and Sonic fan112 (david) qut almost immediatley after. I still hang out with them so that meant little runescape time so i quit both rs and inevitable force this time i Quit runescape for good!

Chapter 5 - a new beginning!

I played halo 3 alot and never thought of runescape agaiN! A month ago i picked up World of warcraft. being similar i thought of runescape and how much fun i had on it! so as of lasdt week i am back into runescape. I dont know how long or why i am back but i am for the time being. I decided to apply here to play with the few friends i have left that play.
So with this said i look to Smd277, my friends, and Ancient Legion to create yet another chapter in the evergrowing book of Smd!

Sorry it was so long and thanks for reading if you did!

BTW WoW name is Kumora, nd Xbox 360 Gt is SMD Ragnarok for all games and ZtK Force which is for halo 3 only!

Lit - June 18, 2009 09:04 PM (GMT)
Nice Intro! You have a really nice clan history, we're happy to have you here.

See you around, contact me when you have questions. ;)

Golden arm42 - June 19, 2009 01:05 AM (GMT)
Nice long history; sounds like you're a great guy to have in AL! :P Do you prefer to go by "smd" or Shane?

Smd277 - June 19, 2009 04:03 AM (GMT)
no preferance, I guess smd as its kinda wierd to be called by my name but im fine with being called shane............

CyberianWolf - June 19, 2009 10:55 AM (GMT)
Wow...thats a lot of info.

Welcome to AL! :woot:
Sorry to hear about your past friends quitting, but I think that you'll find some new ones here. You've already made at least one. ;)

CWolf :sunglasses:

Kevinsaurus - June 19, 2009 11:17 AM (GMT)
whoa... gimme a few years to read that over again... lol

nice intro, let's use feel like we've known you for a lot longer.

good to have you in al, i hope you have a great time here, and welcome :party:

Redeyes2496 - June 19, 2009 04:12 PM (GMT)
Nice, welcome to the clan. Looks like you are very dedicated, so hopefully you enjoy your time here :)

Smd277 - June 19, 2009 08:34 PM (GMT)
Thanks guys its nice to see alot of friendly people in a clan!

Sick Mate 9 - June 21, 2009 11:47 AM (GMT)
this is actually a sick as intro. best intro AL has ever seen, (as far as i know)
so welcome to the clan SMD =D

Imso Hot - June 21, 2009 04:43 PM (GMT)
Longest intro ive seen :huh:

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