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Title: Capture the Flag
Description: (castle wars kindish) lol

Lord - June 16, 2009 03:34 PM (GMT)
Date: Friday 19th.
Place: tbd
World: 70 (meh home world ftw)

ok so im making up this new game where its like hide n' seek tag where we split up into 2 or more teams, we each have a base. we could limit the playing field to the world or certain places. but that base will have a flag, or if we want, a captive (like a king or something) of the other teams. and the other teams will have to try to get back their captive.

1) If you get tagged by an opponent you are held captive (thats not the person ur trying to get back but u can if u wish) if you get held captive like that, you are either there for prisoner until some1 from you team tags u back in, or the team thats holding u captive, can ask u 1 and only 1 question, and u must answer truthfully.
3) The teams will not know where the other teams flag/captive is at.
4) there is an imaginary line or maybe even cities that are under enemy control (other team) and if you are in those areas then that team can tag u, u cant tag them.
5) no guarding the flag or wutever its called, you cant be in the same room as the flag/captive
6) NO invading opposing teams clan chat!

thats it for now. i need to think of some more rules maybe, but in order to win this, you will have to use your imagination and warring skills, cuz in order to win, you gotta be sneaky, tricky, and deseptive. theres no force in this game, just intelegence (spelled wrong i know) :wub:


Mat - June 16, 2009 04:31 PM (GMT)
sounds fun :D

look forward to it

blompty2 - June 16, 2009 05:42 PM (GMT)
two words :castle wars

Lord - June 16, 2009 06:55 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (blompty2 @ Jun 16 2009, 12:42 PM)
two words :castle wars

imagination much? lol this is better than clan wars cuz its new and kinda different, it will get ppl out of runescape games, so we can start thinking like real war lol =P

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