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Title: Guess ill leave too
Description: sowwy

Imso Hot - June 15, 2009 09:32 PM (GMT)
Well seeing as everyone else is leaving, i think my time is up too

Btw this is seperate topic because I AM NOT joining Damons

I had really much fun in AL with everyone, growing fast in ranks because of my hotty lvls (probably) and ended up as warlord
I think i have to leave though because i want to join a pking based clan

So yeah without further excuses, id like to be friends with whoever still wants to be my friend and gl to AL in future :wub:

Imso is out

Megaman0exe - June 15, 2009 09:37 PM (GMT)
You can still be my friend, of course :D I'll keep you added forever and ever and ever.

I don't know what I'll be doing, pking of course :) Just like you.

Old faintman - June 15, 2009 09:39 PM (GMT)
It's sad to see u leaving...
You are the one who got me in this clan and were my friend here :wub:
But I understand that u want to go pk based clan so go on my friend
Go pwn some noob

Cya later imso :'(

Duplo M - June 15, 2009 09:48 PM (GMT)
Oh well imso if you want to..
I wish u gl and remember AL is here!


Viva - June 15, 2009 09:53 PM (GMT)
Oh, i can smellllll THE DRAMA.

Fivey Is Pwnage - June 15, 2009 10:32 PM (GMT)
Awww :'(

GL wherever you go, and go pwn some noobs for me ;)

You pwn,


Dude12dragon - June 15, 2009 11:26 PM (GMT)
Noes not Imso well i going to miss you buddy Gl in the new clan :)

Dylan - June 16, 2009 05:14 AM (GMT)
no imso :'( dont leave pl0x !!

RunescapeVII - June 16, 2009 08:48 AM (GMT)
Tervemenoa sitten vaan. :/ Ja GL sen pk klaanin kanssa. user posted image

xdjz - June 16, 2009 09:50 AM (GMT)
Sad to see you leave... :(

But anyways good luck in the pking clan :rolleyes:

Lord - June 16, 2009 12:08 PM (GMT)
to be honest, of all the people in the clan to leave, i didnt think 1 of them would be you, this sucks man, but gl with ur pking, ill definatly keep ya added :wub:

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