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Title: Inter Clan War hosted by a member :D

Ritalin11 - June 9, 2009 03:27 AM (GMT)
Event Name:P2P Inter-Clan WAR!!!!!
Event Date and Time (OCT, please):June 12, 2009. 7 Pm OCT, 1 PM Mountain, 2 PM Central, 12 Noon Western, 3 PM Eastern
Event World:22
Description: Break out the pay to play gear and lets go have a fun war!
Event Attendees:P2P players in AL (sorry F2P)
Anything else:We will split into teams as soon as people sign up.



Team 1:

Team 2:

Kerkennah - June 9, 2009 03:37 AM (GMT)
You chose a bad time bud, maybe up the time a few hours. The reason for this is because saturdays, we usually have an official war between, 4 pm gmt and 8 pm gmt

Ritalin11 - June 9, 2009 03:48 AM (GMT)
can i do friday :D?

Kerkennah - June 9, 2009 04:24 AM (GMT)
Sure why not, just check with damon and imso.

Imso Hot - June 9, 2009 06:44 AM (GMT)
I wont be able to attend because im not p2p but i have nothing against it :P

animal magik - June 9, 2009 07:38 AM (GMT)
Can't come, too early.
Plus my sister's birthday, dunno if we're doing anything or not.

xdjz - June 9, 2009 09:26 AM (GMT)
Prolly cant make it cos its too late....sorry

Sick Mate 9 - June 9, 2009 09:43 AM (GMT)
i might be able to make it. just depends what time. (ill check with animal next time i talk to him)

Lord - June 9, 2009 12:28 PM (GMT)
ill try to come, hopefully ill have ss or full armour by then =)
maybe even guthans :o

Ritalin11 - June 9, 2009 03:07 PM (GMT)
I moved it back an hour... enjoy :) and its on friday now :)

Mudball99 - June 9, 2009 05:03 PM (GMT)
P2P Wars + me = Bad >.<

I doubt ill be there.

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