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Title: Whip vs Sara Sword

Lord - May 26, 2009 12:17 PM (GMT)
i ove the Sara Sword i dont think theres anything better, i th ink its over priced, but other than that its best wep ever! whip is ok, but i dont like it lol, it hits fine, i just dont like it because of the special.

Imso Hot - May 26, 2009 12:19 PM (GMT)
Whip, no doubt

Whip pwns ss anyday, whip is much funnier to use and you can use PWNAGE shield

Lamb Bug - May 26, 2009 12:54 PM (GMT)
Whip is better for attack/defence training, and is cheaper.

Sara sword wins in terms of special attack, looks, variety of attack styles and the ability to train strength. It loses in terms of being two handed, and the price :)

xdjz - May 26, 2009 02:58 PM (GMT)
SS is better when ur training str ^_^

And SS spec owns whip's ;)

Icewolf68 - May 27, 2009 05:29 AM (GMT)
Lolz Lamb stole the words right out of my mouth!

It really depends on what combat stat your training, or if your just in it for the spec.

Overall, I'd have to go with whip. Matches SS in speed, but cheaper, and 1 handed!


Sick Mate 9 - May 27, 2009 07:59 AM (GMT)
i agree with lamb and ice.

whip for attack and defence training, the attack rate and the price difference

and then the ss for its looks, attack styles and the spec

i would have to say that the whip is better overall

animal magik - May 27, 2009 10:03 AM (GMT)
Whip, basically because of the price and only 1 hand.

0wnd by m3 - May 27, 2009 02:46 PM (GMT)
Whip. all the way. Can be worn with a shield, therefore increases def + attack bonuses.

Darklord99 - May 27, 2009 07:46 PM (GMT)
well depends for normal use whip is alot better, but if you want to train str its ss all the way.

Kerkennah - May 27, 2009 09:12 PM (GMT)
I like whip much better. I don't really like ss, and i think it's too overpriced.

Runeter2 - May 28, 2009 12:39 PM (GMT)
Whip is great for training Attack and Defence but its special are :no:
You can also wear a shield which can get you even more Attack, Strength and Defence bonuses. The bad thing about it is that you can't trian Strength with it.

Saradomin is great for trianing all 3 skills Attack, Strength and Defence and got an awesome and good special but still when you miss the special, then it is :no:

I'll go for Whip! :wub:

Mudball99 - May 29, 2009 12:42 PM (GMT)
Whip, generally becuase you can wield a shield with it, and i personally hate the way a SS looks. I train atk/def with a whip and str with a D scim, but thats just me =)

Trashyyy - May 29, 2009 04:26 PM (GMT)
whip is a lot cheaper and you can wield a shield bonus which can help out a lot when training..
tbh dscim is a lot cheaper then ss and you get str bonuses from your shield so, whip.

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