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Title: New Registration Screen

K Arthur90 - May 22, 2009 01:59 AM (GMT)
> From now on, the registration page has the following text on the "Terms of Service":

QUOTE (Registration Page)
                             ๑۩๑:::::::READ CAREFULLY:::::::๑۩๑

1. When choosing a username, go for your Runescape Name. You *can* use other usernames, but keep in mind that having the same username in-game and on the forums will make recognizing you much more easier.
2. When choosing a password:
A. DO NOT use number or letter sequences! (Ex.: 1234, 4321, ABCD, DCBA)
B. DO NOT use your birthday date!
C. DO NOT use common words! (Ex.: FamilyGuy2000, Pancho6624Villa)
D. TRY and use passwords using numbers, letters, and punctuation marks. (Ex.: Tri~26Minneir##Ach2756) DO NOT USE THIS PASSWORD!
3. When entering your email, note that Temporary Inboxes are not accepted. You must provide a REAL email adress!
4. Upon registering, the validating team will receive a notice of your registration. Upon validation, you'll be set as a Trial Member or Clan Friend, depending on why are you registering. This validation takes between 10mins to 12 hours to happen.

                 ๑۩๑:::::::INVISIONFREE TERMS OF SERVICE:::::::๑۩๑
Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this BB. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this BB to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this BB.

> This provides some safety and registering guidelines that new members should bear. :yes:
> Also, to prevent new members to increase their post count with "LOL", "Agreed!" or "+1" posts, from now on, new posts have a requirement of 20 characters or more. Don't argue about this amount. 20 chars are easily filled with: "I totally agree with you, K Arthur90!"
> PS.: Leaders, this amount can be increased or decreased if requested ^_^

Kerkennah - May 22, 2009 02:06 AM (GMT)
Alright, sounds great Arthur.

animal magik - May 22, 2009 12:05 PM (GMT)
Maybe add something about not using your RS Password? Might be usefull.

Lit - May 22, 2009 06:31 PM (GMT)
I totally agree with you, K Arthur90! :lol:

Doesn't IF have an option to set Rs Usernames and link to another page? (hiscores, for example)?

Imso Hot - May 22, 2009 07:15 PM (GMT)
I totally agree with you, K Arthur90!

Now solve my problem plx if you can :wub:

Lamb Bug - May 22, 2009 07:50 PM (GMT)
The new registration thing looks good. The 20 characters thing is OK. Keep up the good work :)

K Arthur90 - May 22, 2009 07:57 PM (GMT)
> Ima add the info on not using RS password to the guidelines. Nice idea, magik.
> About the RS Names and links to RS Hi-Scores, there's actually an option to do that, using a js mod. However, it uses your signature to do so, and it doesn't work with ppl using [dohtml] tags on their siggies, so, no go. :(

0wnd by m3 - May 22, 2009 08:02 PM (GMT)

animal magik - May 23, 2009 12:20 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (K Arthur90 @ May 22 2009, 02:57 PM)
> Ima add the info on not using RS password to the guidelines. Nice idea, magik.

Thanks. :)
Because yeah if someone could hack your forum account (which I doubt would happen) and your password was the same as on rs, wouldn't be good.

K Arthur90 - May 23, 2009 12:22 AM (GMT)
> Please note that I've restored the Member Legend. It is now hosted on the forums, instead of an external host.

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