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unoobson - May 22, 2009 12:15 AM (GMT)


Runescape Username:Unoobson

Combat Level:76.7

3 Highest Stats (combat and non-combat):Combat:66str Non-Combat 91 firemaking

F2P or P2P?:F2P

Timezone: Eastern

Where did you hear about Ancient Legion?Tip-It

What times and days are best for you?Every Day, After school.

Previous clans (if any) and why you left:

Please post a pic of your stats:

Have you read and understood Ancient Legion's rules? Do you agree to abide by them?I Agree.

Have you read and understood Ancient Legion's forum rules? Do you agree to abide by them and do you have any questions?I Agree, I odnít any more question, I want to ask.

Have you read Ancient Legion's basic information? Do you understand it?Yes

Have you read Clan Warring 101? Do you understand the terms or have any questions about them?Yes

Have you added a leader (Lamb Bug or Golden arm42) in game?Yes

Lamb Bug - May 22, 2009 12:17 AM (GMT)
Accepted! :D Welcome to AL!

Feel free to introduce yourself to the rest of the clan in the Introductions forum.

K Arthur90 - May 22, 2009 12:22 AM (GMT)
> Introduce yourself at the Intro's Forum, stay tuned for AL's latest news on the News Forum, catch up with Runescape related subjects on the RS/Clan Disscussion Forum or start your own Goal's Blog on the Blogs, Achievs and Goals Forum!

> Oh, and don't forget about two big rules:
> 1st. RL>RS
> 2nd. Have fun!

xdjz - May 22, 2009 06:39 AM (GMT)
Welcome and nice firemaking level :D

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