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Title: fight pits

Lord - May 21, 2009 12:02 PM (GMT)
this was a prtty good event turnout for kinda late notice and me not gettong on when it started

people who came
Lamb Bug
Rupture2 0

thats it, when lamb logged of cuz of lag, we all went to figh tpits instead of just killing monsters, and we each won twice, =P
it was pretty fun, i hope to do it again with more notice and more people :wub:

ps. at the same time we were doing this i heard animal and weeyin were doing kbd and weeyin god pwnd once lol :wub: , and that they beat a team of 18 and they 8 hit ko-ed the kbd! thats amazing!

Imso Hot - May 21, 2009 02:41 PM (GMT)
I woulda came if the time was better for me ^_^

unoobson - May 24, 2009 06:41 PM (GMT)
oh, i would have came if i was in the clan then, and if i was member. :o :unsure:

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