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Title: Bad Day of Pk'ing
Description: First story in a LONG time apparenttly.

Mudball99 - May 17, 2009 07:18 PM (GMT)
Most of you know, I <3 pking on my pure, so i went today. Worst day ever.

I was waiting around for a target, as i always do. Got a rouge kill, crap loot though. Just having a fun day. Met a few people etc. I finally get my first target. That's when it goes downhill. At first, i couldn't find him, i went to around 10 wildy, and turned back, and just could find him. I eventually just PM'ed him, asking him were he was. He replied, level 17 wildy. So, i decide ill go there, nothing bad. I end up finding him. FAIL.

I didnt realize i went into the multi area, and he had a clan of 25+ people >.>. Dead in less than 3 seconds ftl. The worst thing is, i didnt have enough time to put on protect item, and i was skulled. Bai-bai r2h #2. I lost my target, and i decided it was no big deal. Grabbed more supplies and went back out to wait for a target. Finally got one, and guess what? FAIL.

Another guy, in around 15 wildy (i didnt look, ive learned from past experiences by now^^). I immediately PM'ed him, saying to come to 1vs1 so we can fight. He replies "No noob, your a waste". FAIL. Targs are never wastes, you would get more from me if you killed me than you would if you were with your clan. Duh. So, i jsut wait there for around 10 minutes, waiting for him. pretty pissed. And then i saw the arrow moving...then i saw him near the bank. FAIL.

I go to talk to him, said he was scared of going 1vs1 without his clan. He is just like "No...rangers are a waste". Nice. Great job of 'finding a way out of that'. he runs off into the multi area again, and i lose him. He also turned private off, so i couldn't talk to him. Great. Ive been here for 2 hours+ with NOTHING for it. Not even a decent fight. I go back to a safe area, and id wait till i get a new targ or if he logged off, whichever came first. He logged, and i had to wait 10 more minutes, as always.

After the 10 mintues where up, got a new targ pretty fast. FAIL. ANOTHER idiot with a clan in deep wildy. I PM'd him, and repeated the process. He said hed pay me 10k if he could kill me. FAIL. That right there really ticked me off, honestly, i had been waiting here for a little under 3 hours now, with nothing. Im not going to let someone else kill me and get something under these circumstances. So, ofc, i say no, and go back to my beloved safe area to get a new target. I eat lunch while im there too, bored and pissed. Then i got a new target. EVEN MORE FAIL.

He was waiting at the bank, i think he was AFK, but he wouldn't talk, wouldn't move, would do anything. So i went back to my same safe spot, and waited. FUNFUNFUN. He finally stays in the safe zone for to long, and i get a new targ. FINALLLYYY.

I get a decent pker. At first he wasnt responding, so i was about to throw my computer out the window, but he finally did, and we began to fight =/

I had 1 good combo and red barred him, but didnt kill him. Oh well, happens alot. So we keep fighting, Eventually, he whacks a 14 with a scim, and i'm left at 4 hp. And then lag. FAIL. I die, obviously (wasnt skulled though, thank god), and see me beside the bank. He wouldnt even show me the loot, which pissed me off a TON. I always love seeing the loot others get when i die. Its just fun for me, to see others got something good out of it.

He went and banked everything and leaves. I log out, pissed that after 5 or so hours, i got nothing, and died twice. I was even lucky to be playing for 5 hours, i never get to play for much over 2-3...

Ugg, just a bad fail day of pking.


Pking failed today.

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