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Title: What do you have on your iPod?

Fivey Is Pwnage - May 16, 2009 01:45 PM (GMT)
What songs do you have? What songs do you want? What kind of music do you like?

Post a picture if you can :yes:

Mine:user posted image

the thief207 - May 16, 2009 02:29 PM (GMT)
i just name the artists cause i have over 300 somethin
alice cooper
avenged sevenfold
black sabbath
the bloodhound gang
bob marley
chuck berry
cledus t. judd
craig morgan
deep purple
def leppard
doc watson
george micheals
josh turner
kid rock
killswitch engage
linkin park
lynard skynard
papa roach
rebel meets rebel
rob zombie/white zombie
slipknot/stone sour
static x
and others that i cant write

DookPlunkIdiot - May 17, 2009 08:25 PM (GMT)
Here's mine. The one that'S in black is umm...innapropriate let's just say lol

(and this is my top 25 because I have over 500 songs.) (iPod Classic 120GB OWNZ!)

user posted image

K Arthur90 - May 17, 2009 08:41 PM (GMT)
> Umm... What do I have on my Ipod?
> NOTHING! I don't have an Ipod!

> What do I have on my MP3 player?
> MP3! For playing!

> Jk. I actually don't like listening to music much. So you won't find good stuff worth posting on my player :rolleyes:

0wnd by m3 - May 17, 2009 08:41 PM (GMT)
have no idea, lost mine today and i think my irl friend stole it, gf.

Icewolf68 - May 18, 2009 03:07 AM (GMT)
I have 500+ songs, just list my fave bands:

30 Seconds To Mars
All-American Rejects
The Beatles
Billy Talent
Bon Jovi
Green Day
Jimmy Eat World
Legion of Doom
Lonely Island
Linkin Park
Ozzy Osborne
Three Days Grace
Venga Boys

just a few :P

I have an iTouch that i just jailbroke on Thursday + 1st gen nano :P
iTouch app Winterboard is awesome... Lets you theme your iPod's menu, and mine's themed Pokemon!
Also have FML, NES, GBA, Super Monkey Ball, MxTube and my fave.... Tetris :)


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