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Title: Article
Description: It popped on my mind and I wrote it down

K Arthur90 - May 13, 2009 10:17 PM (GMT)
- How do I hunt?
I didn’t even notice the 87 lv right next to me near the falcon hunting area.
- I got noose wand, teasing stick, box trap and fishing bait. How do I hunt?
I was hunting razorback kebbits, a few kebbits from my next hunting level.
- Hunter level one?
- Five. I got from reward.
- Check a burrow then follow the tracks near the bushes. When u think u found something, equip the noose wand and attack the bush.
And he ran off.
Not a single “ty” or “thanks”. Nothing. Not even via PM.
What happened to people’s manners? Do those players do the same thing in real life? I imagine them walking down the street, in a hurry. Two men are side by side talking, preventing him of going through. What he does? Pushes his way through, making one of the men drop his briefcase, and keeps running. No “excuse me”, “thank you”, no “sorry”.

Now, I arrive at the Grand Exchange.
- Lend whip 5k/hr.
- Here! 6 hours.
We open the trade window; I lend her the whip.
- Ty. – She says.
- No prob. Have fun with it.
- Whatever. -.- - she says. Now… Tell me where I was disrespectful there? People say ty automatically. It’d be better if the game automatically said “ty” when we close a successful trade window.

I bet that if we had a player-run market, the least word we’d hear would be “thanks”. Like we were mere NPC’s. We don’t even care saying Thanks to NPC’s as the dialogs already do that for us. Sometimes we even jump the dialog by clicking somewhere else, skipping the “Thanks”, line.
And that’s not the only way to be disrespectful.
Situation: Coal Carts. People: me and a lv 80 and something (let’s call him Joe). I arrive there, and he’s mining on my favourite spot (western rocks). I kind of automatically mine one of the western rocks.
- Mine on the other side, plz.
- Oh, sure. – and off I go. Minutes later, he leaves, probably to bank his coal. I then move to the western rocks. Minutes later, he comes back and goes mining again. On the western rocks.
- I asked you to mine the other ones.
- Yes, but you left the area, so I had the right to move here. – And we were mining different rocks.
- No. A man’s spot is a sacred area. – he said. What the… I think someone might be watching too much FX.
- C’mon man, I just need a couple k xp to get mining level. And I mine faster from here. When I go bank u can take over this spot.
- Stfu noob.
I have two rules myself:
First, never add someone to the ignore list and keep him there for more than 6 hours. No need to.
Second, be smarter without disrespecting someone. I did a quick check on the highscores. My mining level, 69. Joe’s mining level, 55. I did what anyone else would do. I kept mining. Obviously, I got almost all the rocks I mined, while he kept mining empty rocks.
- Gtfo.
- Why? I’m mining on my spots.
- U geting my coal.
- It’s because I got a higher mining level than u.
- Its cuz u noob.
- Well, if you think so, there’s nothing you or I can do about that. It’s your opinion. – and I kept mining until my 70 mining lv. And left, not before saying “Goodbye. Happy Mining.” to him.

And there’re also the wannabe’s. Helping everyone, giving out items, taxiing people around Gielinor and even selling the single Larupia hat he had for just a mere 15k, that that poor player was jumping around to get.
They commit the worst of the disrespects: Dishonour.
- Make cape emote! Make cape emote!
- Not now.
- Please! Please!
- Wait.
- C’mon noob! I wanna see your emote.
- Stfu noob.
- U are a noob.
- Omg u are makeing me mad.
- Just do the emote.
- Ima do you if you don’t shut up!
- Reported Reported! Rofl.
Inciting players to say offensive words… It’s not rare. People say they are respectful to every player and they should be PMods. Would they still be respectful if a JMod said: I’m sorry, but you will never become a PMod for this and that… Would he still be a nice person? Just walk around the streets. Imagine if by being a nice person, you could be given, by the mayor himself a “Civilian Guard” status? Although many people would be much more nicer to each other, allowing elderly to skip the queue, and etc, it wouldn’t be difficult to hear on the subway:
- I like your hair. Want to be my girlfriend?
- Get the @#%$ off, you nerd!
- Reported! Reported!

emad - May 14, 2009 01:02 AM (GMT)
Too lazy to read lol.

Darklord99 - May 14, 2009 01:15 AM (GMT)
seems like your trying to say how everyone is rude nowdays... And yes that is true i mean there are still alot of people that are very nice out there but alot are rude.

Kerkennah - May 14, 2009 03:04 AM (GMT)
I agree with what you have said arthur, but not everyone on runescape is like that. The same thing happened with me for mining. It was really funny, because the person started swearing at me and getting past the censor.

Lit - May 14, 2009 09:53 PM (GMT)
Why do people swear like that? It's just a game, and I'm almost sure everyone saw almost all the emotes at least once. No need to make such a big deal (making someone swear at you) out of it. Why can't people play maturely?

Another thing I'm annoyed at is the sad orthography people have sometimes. Go learn some English, and if you already do, write the damn word right! <..>

I'm also against the Grand Exchange. It went from Player-Player to Player-Massive stock of X item. It's the same thing as having a General Store with every item at infinite stock. The interaction that was needed some time ago is gone, and little kids now can play without the need to even know English.

lordblack656 - May 15, 2009 01:07 AM (GMT)
lol i agree with everything! i can be kinda rude sometimes, but not all the time, and i never do that stuff. and i do automatically say thanks, but if some1 says something nice back to me, id ont say wutever, i say yeah u too, or osmething else, trying to payback the niceness =P :wub:

animal magik - May 15, 2009 11:15 AM (GMT)
Yup, been there, seen that. It's pretty much half the randoms you see now.

Duplo M - May 15, 2009 04:44 PM (GMT)
It happened to me several times! When people say you: Let me kill this monster, and when you need it too they just say go away <_< . Sometimes I just wanted to kill that guys! [BEEP]

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