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Title: Skydude033's last hurrah!

Skydude033 - May 9, 2009 04:01 PM (GMT)
It's sad to say I'm retiring from RS. I haven't known you guys half of how well I should, and I feel bad. Sooo, after the Iron War....

Event: 141 Fun warring
Time: Immediately after iron war(whenever taht ends)
World: 141, duh
CC: Skydude033

Then, after we get bored of that....

Event: Rev hunting(f2p)
Time: After fun warring :)
World: 33, maybe
CC: my own again

In reference to fun warring - invite everyone you can! I want to make this truly epic! Don't care about levels it's the numbers that count in that world :D

Skydude033 - May 9, 2009 10:41 PM (GMT)
Could someone move this to allied event....?

And I'm sorry I could not make it yesterday, plan on today 6 EST. Sorry <_<

I'd appreciate if someone looked at this topic too.

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