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Title: An update of mine
Description: Please read it before voting

K Arthur90 - May 1, 2009 05:51 PM (GMT)
> I've seen some members discussing about the security of the Public Chat (while we had one :D ), I've seen members discussing the validating membership system, discussing about the blogs, about the overall security of the forum, about the shoutbox and about the skin... So I took an hour to do this:

>It is incomplete. There are all the forums we have here, but their permission is not correctly set up. You can currently see the forums, register and check how is my proposed way of validating members.

>Currently, you can see Public Chat/Alliances/War/RS News as a guest. After you register, you become a Validating Member. It's a true trial member. You'll need to get the Leader approval, and as well an e-mail approval. However, you can already post your application form on the "joining" forum while you wait for Leader approval. After you are approved, you receive Trial Member status, and from there on, it's just like we have here right now.

> Also, ZB has a built-in shoutbox on the works which will be released someday (unknown yet...), which would replace any external coded shoutboxes, increasing our security.

> ZB has also better ways of reporting wrong posts, as well defending ourselves against possible spies/evildoers.

> ZB has an option of creating and hosting simple HTML pages, which could be used to create AL's page (currently maintained by Techy).

> ZB allows us to add custom profile fields (like Runescape Names, so we wouldn't have to guess who's who on the forums/game).

> At last, ZB has a built-in blog system, in which you can post all your activities rune-related.

> However:
> ZB's interface is a little different than IF's. Members would take time to get used to it.
> ZB doesn't have HTML tags (although it's extensive BBCode library even allows Flash movies to be posted using BBCode tags).
>ZB would take a little more time to load (a matter of seconds only, though).
>ZB can't use IF skins, so I'd have to manually configure the forums' skins to match our current one. Which would take a lot of time

> If any of you would like to check it, the forum I created is just a preview of what Ancient Legion's forum could become. Please register, and if you want, I can give you full access to the forums. Leaders will also get CP access.

> PS.: That forum will not ever be used, as Invisionfree offers an automatic way of converting IF forums to ZB forums.

> PS2.: I just copied/pasted the header... Not in the mood to code it correctly... I still have a signature to work... ;)

blompty2 - May 1, 2009 07:21 PM (GMT)
The layout looks much more nicer than it does on this forum. I voted yes.

Imso Hot - May 1, 2009 07:40 PM (GMT)
I like it :wub:

Golden arm42 - May 1, 2009 09:26 PM (GMT)
Nooo! I can't stand Zetaboards! :( :( :(

K Arthur90 - May 1, 2009 09:39 PM (GMT)
> Rofl. Why? Now you got me scared :scared:

lordblack656 - May 1, 2009 09:44 PM (GMT)
i honestly dont know whats wrong with this forum weve got right now, but i kinda like the skin of the zetaboard 1. =) im for whichever 1 you choose though

Kerkennah - May 1, 2009 11:02 PM (GMT)
I think zeta boards are nice, especially if we just convert, so all the posts stay here

tomilson21 - May 2, 2009 12:52 AM (GMT)
I like what we have, not a fan of Zetaboards.

animal magik - May 2, 2009 06:51 AM (GMT)
I dunno... I'm fond of this one. :wub:

K Arthur90 - May 2, 2009 06:10 PM (GMT)
> Omg, it's not the skin, it's the forum system :P

3monightmar3 - May 6, 2009 01:35 PM (GMT)
im happy with the current forums... :)

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