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Tmssoccer - April 26, 2009 06:33 PM (GMT)
1. Runescape name/forum name: Tmssoccer/Tmssoccer

2. Have you attended at least two events? Please list them. yes, clan wars practive and war vs. motion (ypl)

3. How many posts have you made? 30 some

4. Do you have at least one set of full rune that you'll have available at all times? Do you have a gold explorers' ring? yes to both

5. What is your combat level (freeplay)? 88

6. Please define the terms hug, pile, and fall in:
hug- walk around obstacles to get away from other clan
pile- all attack one person
fall in- follow the warlord/leader

7. Do you have any comments/suggestions about Ancient Legion or its staff, members, or activity? nope

8. What will you do to help make Ancient Legion a better place to clan? be active and fun :D

7.Do you promise to be active and loyal to Ancient Legion?. yers

Chuffa - April 26, 2009 07:12 PM (GMT)
Goodluck :)

Golden arm42 - April 26, 2009 09:00 PM (GMT)
You've done a great job so far, Tmm. ;) Keep it up as a full member, which you are now. :D

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