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Title: Leave of Absence
Description: be back in a month or so

Yamunu - April 22, 2009 03:32 AM (GMT)
Hey, ima have to go inactive for a while, pull my grades up. Appears that i cant get done with what i need dangling around rs everyday after school. So, ill be off of rs for the next 2-4 weeks. Ill prolly hop on forums see whats going on, but other then that, see yall in about a month, later.

dflame58 - April 22, 2009 04:27 AM (GMT)
good luck with school. we all have the issue w/ rs and school at some point. or multiple points :P

CyberianWolf - April 22, 2009 09:24 AM (GMT)
Hurry back Yam.....

What's up with all the bad grades lately? :huh:

CWolf :sunglasses:

starwolf_ftw - April 22, 2009 10:12 AM (GMT)
Just what you expect from people who really care for the clan and RS, but sadly that won't get everyone through later in life. Grades are more important then RS, so get them up and I hope you do well.

Cya soon Yam.

Lamb Bug - April 22, 2009 12:17 PM (GMT)
Grades/real life activites>Runescape.

Good luck on getting them up.

tomilson21 - April 22, 2009 07:28 PM (GMT)
Hope u get those grades up and can come back soon. U will be missed in the cc :P

Kerkennah - April 22, 2009 07:58 PM (GMT)
See you when you come back :)

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