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Title: Jaal’s Cash Guide: Culinary Chest (Members)
Description: Leveling Cooking Skills and GET PAID

Jaal - April 20, 2009 02:23 AM (GMT)
• Requires Recipe For Disaster Quest (More cash if all parts are completed)
o You still make cash if you do just parts for access to Culinary Chest

(Max Items in Chest if all parts of Quest is completed)
50 Chocolate Bar @ 26 gp each vs 84 gp @ GE
50 Cheese @ 10 gp each vs 75 gp @ GE
50 Tomato @18 gp each vs 27 gp @ GE
50 Cooking apple @ 46 gp each vs 205 gp @ GE
10 Pot of flour @ 18 gp each vs 49 gp @ GE
1 Pizza Base @ 5 gp each vs 104 gp @ GE
10 Pat of butter @ 5 gp vs 440 gp @ GE
50 Buckets of Milk @ 15 gp vs 22 gp @ GE
50 Eggs @ 5 gp vs 69 gp @ GE

*** Other items found in chest but not very important for this cash guide

You must have bowls, buckets, pineapple slices, potatoes, tuna, sweet corn, knife, baskets, cake, harralander herb, vials and pestle and mortar in bank.

• You can purchase them at the Chest as well
50 Bowls @ 5 gp vs 4 gp @ GE
50 Buckets @ 2 gp vs 6 gp@ GE

• You can purchase baskets in Catheby’s Farming Shop
Unlimited Baskets @ 1 gp vs 83 gp @ GE

• You can buy pineapples from Ahrim in Catheby’s port or you can pick your on in Karmaja
Pineapples @ 2 gp (40 max per day) vs 115 @ GE
• You can steal cakes from bakery stall in Ardougne. Or make them using cake tin, milk, egg, and pot of flour (items can be found in Culinary Chest or bought at GE)

What to do with these items:
1) Make Pineapple Pizzas:
o Cut all pineapples into pineapple slices
o Use bucket of water on pot of flour to make pizza base
o Use pizza base on tomato to make unfinished pizza
o Use unfinished pizza on cheese to make uncooked pizza
o Cook unfinished pizza upstairs on main floor of Lumbridge Castle
o Use plain pizza on pineapple to make Pineapple Pizza

2) Make Tuna Potatoes:
o If you haven’t cooked your potatoes, sweet corn, and tuna – cook them upstairs in Lumbridge Castle
o Get knife out of bank (have in inventory), 13 bowls , and 13 cooked tuna
o Use bowl on tuna to make chopped tuna, then add 13 cooked sweetcorn into inventory
o Use chopped tuna on cooked sweetcorn to make tuna and corn – set this aside in bank
o Take out 13 butter and 13 cooked potatoes. Use butter on cooked potato to make potato with butter.
o Take out your 13 tuna and corn and use them with your potato with butter to make Tuna potatoes

3) Make Chocolate dust:
o use chocolate dust on cake to make chocolate cakes

4) Make Baskets of Apples:
o Add 5 apples to each basket

1) Pineapple Pizza heals 22 hit points (11 per hit points per half eaten). One of the best foods in the game. Spend 25 gp and sells for 522 gp at GE. A nice 450 gp plus for a few minutes of your time.

2) Tuna Potato heals 22 hit points. Again one of the best foods in the game. Spend 266 gp and sells for 1,306 gp. A nice 1,000 profit for a few minutes of your time. Heals 22 gp for 266 gp each – this is cheaper than shark.

3) Baskets of apples costs 251 gp to make and sells for 1, 000 gp. Also a nice 750 gp for a few minutes of your time.

4) Chocolate Cakes great for leveling Agility because of zero weight. Costs 122 gp and sells for 199 gp (less if you steal cakes at Bakery Stall in Ardougne). So again small profits for a little bit of your time.

What to do while I wait for Culinary Chest to replenish? Prepare your foods – Tuna and corn, baskets of apples, slice your pineapples, uncooked pizzas, add pineapples to plain pizzas, and add potato with butter to tuna and corn. Cook your foods – potato, cakes, and plain pizzas.

Other things to do: Make Yew Longbows. See Jaal’s Cash Guide: Yew Long Bows

This is a multi-task event. You will not have time to be bored. But if you do get bored – Just buy butter, and apples; make basket of apples; and finally world hop for more materials @ Culinary Chest. Butter sells for 440 gp each and Basket of Apples sells for 1,000 gp each.

I hope this helps

starwolf_ftw - April 20, 2009 05:01 AM (GMT)
This is great! Makes me want to finish Rfd now. Thanks for the tips.

Nguyeb262616 - April 20, 2009 05:20 AM (GMT)
I'll spend a month during summer doing this everyday. I R gonna be Richz!

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