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Title: full member pl0x
Description: app.

theturk10 - April 16, 2009 03:24 AM (GMT)
1. Runescape name/forum name: TheTurk10

2. Have you attended at least two events? Please list them.

Practice war with tpl or somthing and ended in a draw and the proper clan war we had where we joned up with tpl and won with 5-0 people left. (me one of them)

3. How many posts have you made?

About 50, more to come =)

4. Do you have at least one set of full rune that you'll have available at all times? Do you have a gold explorers' ring?

Full rune yes, dunno how to get explorers ring.

5. What is your combat level (freeplay)?

98/99 Free i think at the moment..

6. Please define the terms hug, pile, and fall in:

hug=run around the wall to dodge people's attacks
pile=everyone attacks one person (like a doggy pile)(also spam when piling)
fall in=follow the warlord/leader etc

7. Do you have any comments/suggestions about Ancient Legion or its staff, members, or activity?

1st Clan that i have been in that actually does anything best yet pl0x =[)

8. What will you do to help make Ancient Legion a better place to clan?

Depends, i will help in wars/events etc, give good advice, be friendly, and im sotra a good warlord (im good with knowng who to pile) (i.e when we had a practice war with few clan members and split clan in two)

7.Do you promise to be active and loyal to Ancient Legion?.

Hell Yeah!

AL FTW 4eva yo'!

if you make me warlord, i will do my homework on other clan =)

Kerkennah - April 16, 2009 03:27 AM (GMT)
Hey you forgot to say that you also attended my unofficial clan wars practice on Monday. Keep up the good work :D

Golden arm42 - April 16, 2009 12:23 PM (GMT)
Great job so far. Accepted to full member. :D

theturk10 - April 16, 2009 02:27 PM (GMT)
w00t thnx =]]

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