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Title: wipeouts!
Description: injuries do tell =P

lordblack656 - April 14, 2009 01:25 AM (GMT)
ok so ive had some major wipouts like ive gotten racked on my bike doing the superman trick ouch! i got stuck on a barbwire fence when i was 5 or 6 in a place it really hurts...and ive broken 3 fingers and 2 toes, other than that no serioius injuries besides sprained ankle for about 1 mnth =( that was horrid, and the first time i tried riding my bike i ran into a tree lol, had a scab on myi chin for ages lol it was funny now that i look back =), but the funniest thing thats ever happened was i playing a pickup game of football in neighbors backyard and i dove to deflect a pass, and i dove right into a pole with bird house on top of it lmfao, i did a 360 in the air and just landed flat on my stomach on the ground. laid there for a couple seconds and got back up, everybody was rolling around laughing, and so was i,i mean i hit it with my neck, and yeah it hurt, but it was flipping halarious i was like "who put that poll there i swear it wasnt htere before i dove" roflmfao funniest, almost most painful thing thats ever happened to me =P

anything bad happen to u guys? bad or even funny lol cuz i look back at this stuff and laugh, and just keep doing stupid stuff =)

40 def robin - April 14, 2009 03:56 AM (GMT)
Only bad once i had was fractureing my ankle. Basically was out camping at some lake 150km outta town and like 10min after we get there i jump and slip, fractureing my ankle. thing about that is tho i didnt realize it and thought it was a bad sprain so i keep on camping for 2 days, came home went to work for like 2 days and finally like 4 days after it happened i go to the hostipal. Well when i got there, They x-rayed it and said it was just a bad sprain, so off i go back to work for another 5 or so days, partying most nights. Finally like a week and a bit after doing it i go back, they x=ray it again and tell me its fractured :S.

animal magik - April 14, 2009 08:59 AM (GMT)
Ehh I've only fractured a finger once, got hit on the tip and jarred by a cricket ball.

40 def robin - April 14, 2009 01:09 PM (GMT)
cricket :jester:

lordblack656 - April 14, 2009 01:52 PM (GMT)
lol ive never played cricket but i lpay baseball, oh wait ive played cricket in gym class before lol, i wouldnt play it for real cuz thats a hard ball getting hit hard, dont have strong enough hands to play it,
anyway back to injuries, i knew every single time i had my fingers and toes broken that they were broken before i went to hospital, but mom made me go anyway, made me wear tape and everything wouldnt even let me practice with a broken toe! made me sooo mad. and i broke my ring finger in like 7th grade, and they wouldnt let me go to gym class, and all we did there was rollerskate and im awesome at that, i wouldnt fall, they still wouldnt let me rollerskate though =( pissed me off soo much

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