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Title: Family stuff

Golden arm42 - April 12, 2009 12:54 AM (GMT)
Well, I'll keep this short. My parents and I have been getting into a lot of major arguments lately, and although I think it's mainly their fault, I'm not going to let our relationship go under the bridge without trying to make it better first. I won't be on Runescape much this week, although I'll do my best to get some stuff done on the forums. :(

Grandparents are also coming on Thursday, so don't count on seeing me ingame at all until next Monday after tomorrow.

Dude12dragon - April 12, 2009 03:54 AM (GMT)
Dude im sooooo sorry hope you and lamb handle it well :(

CyberianWolf - April 12, 2009 05:54 AM (GMT)
I Know the Feeling...GL :guns

CWolf :jester:

Kerkennah - April 12, 2009 07:18 AM (GMT)
I hope everything goes well Golden, See you when you come back.

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