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Title: Best Method for calculating contests?

Icewolf68 - April 11, 2009 04:12 PM (GMT)
Hey ECs

For those of you who have done the Skilling Contests before, how did you go abouts calculating? I currently have screenies of all the beginning exps (and will be putting them on Word later so i can send them to you Arthur)

Excel good? or was there another way you guys have done it before?


dflame58 - April 15, 2009 02:25 AM (GMT)
check out this tread.


yeah excel seems to be the best

personally i like mine better. I think its simpler. I made it so it auto calculates the difference when you put in a new current xp.

Icewolf68 - April 15, 2009 02:47 AM (GMT)
I did that method, cept all on one page with the auto calculate formulas, however, K Arthur was talking about a macro that would take the experience right off the Runescape Highscores and put them onto a spreadsheet and calculate for him. All he would have to do is post the gains!
I don't know if he's figured out the macro, but he said he'd share it with the ECs and Star once he figures it out!


dflame58 - April 16, 2009 04:50 PM (GMT)
seems difficult to do but if he gets it working it would definitely be more efficient then our methods.

animal magik - April 17, 2009 01:37 PM (GMT)
If I was doing one I'd probaby just do a spreadsheet, but I'm like technologically impaired. :P
Speaking of which... I'd like to run a contest in the near future if that's ok with you guys. ^^
But it'd have to be in like 9 weeks when I'm on holidays again, just wouldn't work if I had school.

K Arthur90 - April 19, 2009 02:09 AM (GMT)
> I'm working on a Python script, similar to the one used on's website calculators to automatically get the xp's but it's taking a little more time than usual :P

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