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Title: Tech vs. Sin City

Techy - April 10, 2009 07:36 PM (GMT)
Sunday morning I'm leaving for Las Vegas. So the last time you'll see me for a week will be the war tomorrow :)

I'll try to take some hawt pics of myself in Vegas :wub:

Lit - April 10, 2009 09:03 PM (GMT)
Go and have fun. We'll be waiting for you to come back. :)

Golden arm42 - April 10, 2009 09:21 PM (GMT)
Have fun; don't stake your BGS on a casino table. ;) :lol:

Techy - April 11, 2009 08:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Golden arm42 @ Apr 10 2009, 05:21 PM)
Have fun; don't stake your BGS on a casino table. ;) :lol:

KK, I'll try not to lose Jaal's bgs at a casino. High risk tables ftl?

Kerkennah - April 12, 2009 07:19 AM (GMT)
Have fun in vagas techy :)

Techy - April 18, 2009 09:18 PM (GMT)
Since I'm back, this can be closed now :)

Golden arm42 - April 18, 2009 09:20 PM (GMT)
I demand to know how the trip was before I oblige you by exercising my moderation powers! :lol:

Techy - April 18, 2009 09:30 PM (GMT)
If I find a USB cable for my phone, I'll be sure to upload some pics.

But the trip was okay I guess =/

We saw 3 shows: MacKing Comedy Magic, KA', and Phantom (which I despise with such a passion I can't even explain)

We went out to tour Hoover Dam, did some shopping, saw a Titanic Exhibit, and did some other stoof.

Golden arm42 - April 18, 2009 09:32 PM (GMT)
Alright, now I will lock this. Thanks for sharing. :)

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