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Title: Banners in GIMP
Description: Haven't made some in a very long time

Runeter2 - April 10, 2009 01:11 PM (GMT)
I didn't really like this one but i did like the text i made, here is the signature.
Its Yoshi btw :P

user posted image

Also its meant to be like that.

EDIT: I improved the image of Yoshi, still i need to find out how to make better backgrounds.

user posted image

Lit - April 10, 2009 03:16 PM (GMT)
Don't know what you did on the BG, but the colors and the composition are both no no's to me. Try using C4D's if you're new to GIMP, it's a good thing to start with.

For C4D's, look here ->

Look for something that "flows" with the position Yoshi's facing, what he's doing, etc. For the color I'd suggest something on the greens.

On to the effects: The motion blur on the 2nd one has potential, you could try smudging the Layer that has the Blur.

Runeter2 - April 10, 2009 08:46 PM (GMT)
You seem experienced. Any tutorial you suggest for me? Because i really need to inmprove my background as you said. I don't really know how to use C4D's yet. Could you please teach me?

Lit - April 10, 2009 08:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Runeter2 @ Apr 10 2009, 05:46 PM)
You seem experienced. Any tutorial you suggest for me? Because i really need to inmprove my background as you said. I don't really know how to use C4D's yet. Could you please teach me?

As I stated, knowing which program you're using would really help me help you. As for tuts: ( EDIT: Never mind, messed Topics. Use the GIMP and the PS/PdN ones alike, you could learn something new.)


GIMP: -> for Basics mostly.



You can also try Google, something good comes from time to time. ;)

As for C4D's, I'm not the best one to treat with, since I don't use them much. They're good for starters or just for when you don't know what to do as a background. Maybe you could try asking Arthur or Techy.

Runeter2 - April 10, 2009 09:32 PM (GMT)
I tried to make an average background with red, did like the outcome a bit. Here it is. Gonna use it as my new signature.

user posted image

Dude12dragon - April 11, 2009 05:23 AM (GMT)
nice banners! :P

Runeter2 - April 11, 2009 09:12 AM (GMT)
Thanks :P

Another two banner i made for fun. I'm beggining to enjoy making graphics again :D

user posted image

user posted image

I'm taking requests now too :)

Also the border wasn't meant to be that, but well, well <_< (On the round banner)

Using the 2nd banner in this post as my sig now B)

darkwiz665 - April 11, 2009 08:17 PM (GMT)
It looks ok for gimp but if you want to compete with people you should try and get photoshop.

Lit - April 14, 2009 01:21 AM (GMT)
Your last two would look better on a rounded canvas imo. It'd give them a glass-button look, which would match perfectly.

If you're having a bad time with Background, then use Stocks. This site is the best one I know for them ->

Again, I've never messed much with GIMP, but my critics may serve as guidance.

the sun god - April 14, 2009 07:54 AM (GMT)
I prefer Gimp to photoshop. and, since Gimp is free and Photoshop isn't, I've stuck with Gimp mainly.

Background wise, You could probably use some brushes, and cover the canvas. copy that layer, blurr it somehow, and merge the layers. Tint it, and then add the C4d's as layers. I use that PlanetRenders site and I LOVE it. Without it, I'd die. And, if you can't find a C4d of the right color, you can always change the color of that to match.

Ok, so, basically C4d's are renders that people use mainly for background purposes. There are hundreds of them, and you'll probably find one that you can use. If not, you can always edit a C4d Render/crop it to make it work. They're opened as layers ABOVE the backdround, but below the main Render. They add some depth and 3D factor to the picture. Tips I found is that using different layer effects (Like, Dodge, Burn, Multiply, ETC.) to alter them even more to make it look even better.

Dylan - April 15, 2009 04:54 AM (GMT)
try smudging at times.. works for me.
user posted image

user posted image

when i started out in GIMP i used a lot of brushes.
user posted image

c4d's are ok aswell

user posted image

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