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Title: Helping the clan?

Golden arm42 - April 5, 2009 08:33 PM (GMT)
Well, after getting owned by Lethality today, it really made me realize how much of a noob I am. I want to change that because I don't like getting downed so fast. <_< I want to be the best I can possibly be at warring. I don't play as much as some (or most) people, like Damon or Star, so I won't be able to level up as fast, but I'm on spring break starting tomorrow so I should be able to at least play everday, so I want to use that time as efficiently as possible.

What should I do in order to maxamize my usefulness to the clan in warring? Note: I don't care much about PVP; I just want to focus on clan wars. Please say why I should adopt a particular course, not just state it. :)

Current Stats

Attack: 65
Strength: 71
Defense: 65
Hitpoints: 67
Prayer: 45
Ranged: 22
Magic: 49

Thanks for the help! :holiday:

Kerkennah - April 5, 2009 08:42 PM (GMT)
Train at flesh crawlers, or spiders. Train to at least 70 attk and def. Then after that train attk and def more. Basically have all equal stats, or attk and def slightly higher than str.

Reason for that is so you can hit more accurate and you can tank longer.

Also work on your range, to get your hp up.

Techy - April 5, 2009 08:45 PM (GMT)
Train at fleshies to start.

Get 70 attack first, then 70 def. After that, you should try training at giant spiders.

Once you get 70/71/70, get 75 attack then 80 defence. :)

starwolf_ftw - April 5, 2009 09:17 PM (GMT)
Well, fleshies and spiders are good, but once you get those 70 atk/str/def goals, you can move up to higher things. I like training on moss giants in f2p, they drop big bones, they have low defence, and have high hp. Those are great and I've gained my defence level from them (lvl 95). Since I'm going f2p in a few days (6 to be exact) I'll be more then happy to train with you :D

Chuffa - April 5, 2009 09:43 PM (GMT)
Defence, so you can tank for longer, and call for longer should you need to.

Imso Hot - April 5, 2009 09:52 PM (GMT)
Att 90+ str 85-90 def 95+ and youll be ownage

Lit - April 5, 2009 10:10 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Imso Hot @ Apr 5 2009, 06:52 PM)
Att 90+ str 85-90 def 95+ and youll be ownage

Everything 99 and you'll be more ownage kthxbai. :rolleyes:

Giant Spiders can sometimes damage you too much, specially with such a low defence. I'd suggest Flesh Crawlers until 75 defence and attack. You can also try Hobgoblins, a classic before the SoS came out.

As for magic, cast Curse with low magic bonus (-50) on the caged Zamorak Mage inside Varrock Palace. That way you'll get the exp from the cast but you'll not actually success casting it, and you'll be able to keep casting.
That until 55, where I suggest you high-alch non-stop until you reach the level you want.

Golden arm42 - April 5, 2009 10:36 PM (GMT)
Yeah...but should I go 70 attack, then 70 def? Should I even worry about magic and range at this point? I'd probably train on ankous b/c I'll make a bit of money there and they're not bad xps. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the advice so far. :)

Chuffa - April 5, 2009 10:43 PM (GMT)
Yeah, i'd say go for the level 82's as they're empty but they might hurt alot lol.

Dylan - April 5, 2009 11:14 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Kerkennah @ Apr 6 2009, 06:42 AM)
Train at flesh crawlers

Im training there right now, if you wanna train with me. im tryin to get all melee stats to 65 atm.

lordblack656 - April 7, 2009 01:07 PM (GMT)
i would have to say that yes spiders are definately fastest xp, but if uw ant prayer and stuff i would have to say mossies =) or ankous those are awesome too

Fivey Is Pwnage - April 7, 2009 08:48 PM (GMT)
Spiders are pwnage dude, I can get a str lvl ( lvl 77 bannana ) in a day if I try. Downside is that if you want to train prayer, you'd either have to buy or go to like mossies or something.

animal magik - April 7, 2009 11:10 PM (GMT)
Basically everyone's said good ways here, but just remember every stat has advantages so you should think of them when you decide which to train.

Kerkennah - April 7, 2009 11:11 PM (GMT)
Also while your at it, make sure tpl knows about the war this saturday and stuff

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