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Title: Suggest the checkpoints
Description: for the Official Ancient Legion CP Race

K Arthur90 - March 25, 2009 09:46 PM (GMT)
Gather up.
The race we had with about four or five people was only a proof of concept one (which actually proved more than just the concept). Race results
It proved it needs a lot more organization, as well attention when scheduling and advertising it.

So for the official one, who will get a "Past Events" post, as well a trophy, I'd like to ask what checkpoints we'd have, as well which quests are needed and which are the level reqs...

1. Mining Essence
2. Crafting Airs
3. Mining Iron
4. Making Iron daggers
5. Killing chickens for feathers
6. Finding someone on a big place.

For the race I have this suggestion:

1. Players start at GE. They must search for the next EC, which will be somewhere on Varrock, with "Private Off".
2. Players would have to mine essence, and then go to Varrock mines, to show the essences.
3. Players would have to mine iron ore and clay, and then go to Barb Village.
4. Players would have to craft a number of clay pots, then go to Doric Anvil
5. Players would have to smith a number of iron daggers, then go to air altar.
6. Players would have to craft air runes, then go to the bridge leading to Wizard Tower getting three cabbages at the cab patch.
7. Players would have to search Lumbridge Swamp for an EC, and give him the cabbages.
8. Finish line on Lumbridge's Caslte.

Doric's Quest
Rune Mysteries

15 Mining
15 Smithing
1 Runecrafting
1 Crafting

Air Talisman

It needs to be on a weekend, and it should be schedule so Aussies can come too! (as well organize/run it ;) )

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