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Title: Ori is at it again...
Description: but not here, *phew*

starwolf_ftw - March 12, 2009 09:33 AM (GMT)
I was just chatting with some of my friends from LTH and found out something really saddening.. Ori has infultrated LTH and is starting to flame and also trying to warn of potential "dangerous" clanmates....

Sound familiar?????????????????

I went to their forums, and sure enough, Ori has been there. He was targeting one of their members of the "Hero" rank, much like our Senior member rank. The clan is sticking up for itself in it's member's defence, and Ori may have struck out.

I myself have contributed to telling LTH that Ori is not someone you EVER want on their forums and even have relations with. I informed them of our past conflicts between AL and Ori and they are taking my comment very seriously. I hope LTH is doing allright, and I'm sure they'll be fine.

I find it kind of sad the fact that Ori is going after another clan the same way he did AL. It shows that he's still in his imature funk and that he'll never change. Most flamers all have the same attitude, but all have different methods. We must be keen in watching out for them.

This is a good reminder for us about our own problems, aka Matt the Don from earlier yesterday for example, and how we should solve them. We should not even be willing to put up with what the current flamer is trying to start, and remove him from the clan immedietly. LTH has a couple pages of flameing from Ori as we have our few pages of flameing from M T D.

Next time, let's not put up with the bull they give us and make AL a fun place for us and future clan members to be a part of a community. AL is our home and if we have a flamer, lets save our entire home from catching fire and enforce immediete removal.

If you have a rebutal, a question, or thoughts, feel free to post. I'm all ears as are the rest of you.

animal magik - March 12, 2009 10:53 AM (GMT)
I don't really know who Ori is...
I know it's Orichocos and he's in SC but that's about it.

Golden arm42 - March 12, 2009 12:06 PM (GMT)
Ah, well I'll talk with Brave and see if there's anything we can do to help. Ori is a [beep] and it's not fun to get attacked. :(

Looking back, I think we should have gotten rid of Matt and his posts sooner. I was trying to get him to state his opinions, because an exchange of ideas is great for a clan, but he refused and continued flaming.

Thanks for letting us know Star.

blompty2 - March 12, 2009 06:21 PM (GMT)
What clan is l t h. I ould like to se ori's flames 4 myself

starwolf_ftw - March 12, 2009 06:27 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (blompty2 @ Mar 12 2009, 01:21 PM)
What clan is l t h. I ould like to se ori's flames 4 myself

It's Lethality, one of the clans we had the multiclan competitoin we had a few months back. I wouldn't worry about it, but his posts are exactly like the posts he made here when he was the mysterious "???" from a few months back.

blompty2 - March 12, 2009 06:29 PM (GMT)
Thanks . i'll check it out. i wont post but have a look and see for my self what this douche is doing.

edit- nvm

Donovan Kays - March 12, 2009 07:44 PM (GMT)
lol not again! D: When will this kid ever give up

animal magik - March 15, 2009 12:22 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Donovan Kays @ Mar 12 2009, 02:44 PM)
lol not again! D: When will this kid ever give up

Lol, who knows Don? Who knows?

Techy - March 15, 2009 12:31 AM (GMT)
Sometimes I get an urge to spam SC forums...

March 15: SC Spam-a-thon. At exactly noon tomorrow, we will unleash a massive spam attack on SC's forums. We will all start a new topic, and post: "Ori and Rin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

All whose for it, say I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ori and Rin are brothers btw) :)

animal magik - March 15, 2009 12:38 AM (GMT)
Lol, good idea. :)

K Arthur90 - March 15, 2009 12:53 AM (GMT)
Lol @ Techy. I see you liked our idea of having trophies for the contests ^_^

Techy - March 15, 2009 11:44 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (K Arthur90 @ Mar 14 2009, 07:53 PM)
Lol @ Techy. I see you liked our idea of having trophies for the contests ^_^

I made them for my clan before you had them. But I just wanted to show you all how 1337 I r.

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