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Title: How do you pay for your membership?

Lit - March 10, 2009 04:21 AM (GMT)
Just wanted to see how everyone does it. Kind of an experiment to see which option is the best for me.

starwolf_ftw - March 10, 2009 04:31 AM (GMT)
I have had a job, and right now I don't have one. I still have 32 days of membership left so I'm good.

Chuffa - March 10, 2009 07:37 AM (GMT)
Direct debit :)

lordblack656 - March 10, 2009 10:39 PM (GMT)
i tried paying through the mail but it didnt work so im not a member, unless u include zoun then i am

K Arthur90 - March 10, 2009 10:59 PM (GMT)
Erm... I pay it with my allowance. So, technically it is my money. I make direct bank payments, and I get to do it in Reais (our currency).

Redeyes2496 - March 10, 2009 11:16 PM (GMT)
I use the game cards, but I pay with my money.

Kerkennah - March 11, 2009 03:49 AM (GMT)
Well I'm not a member right now, but ill post how i get it. I used a game card but i think that will be the only time, next time im sending a cheque through the mail.
oh, and sometimes i pay sometimes my parents

iamcoool11 - March 12, 2009 12:45 AM (GMT)
I get the runescape cards they sell at target.

animal magik - March 12, 2009 11:10 AM (GMT)
Parents credit card.

theturk10 - March 12, 2009 06:15 PM (GMT)
parents used to pay for it untill i got a saterday job
i get 30 a week
(i think thats around 80$ i don't know sorry lol)

xdjz - March 19, 2009 10:38 AM (GMT)
U can pay by credit card which will make u members instantly or post a letter to jagex...but that will take a week or so before your mem :rolleyes:

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