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Title: FireMaking Race!!!
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101laxkid2 - February 17, 2009 02:45 AM (GMT)
This is a fun thing i used to do with my old clan. So, what we do is get a bunch of logs (maybe 20 or so) and a tinderbox. any kind of log is ok. This game si dependant on our Firemaking skill, and some luck. What we do is finda long place going westward, and we line up. Then, a referee says to go and everyone makes fires as fast as they can, each one moving them closer to a goal. We can make it a tournament, and have eliminations and stuff, or it can be just one big race. We can even give a prize to the winner, or jsut declare him/her firemaking champion of AL (for then...)

Its a pretty fun minigame, and you can even add a woodcutting twist...

Woodcutting twist: Instead of everyone lining up with logs in inventory and startinga t the same time, we can have everyone cut their logs from trees nearby. When they have enough, they can come to the linea nd start the race.

This is just an idea, and i'd liek to hear waht you guys think ;)

Thanks for your consideration,


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