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tidus6570 - February 16, 2009 04:52 AM (GMT)

Runescape Username:
Combat Level:
3 Highest Stats (combat and non-combat):
76 attack 85 woodcutting
F2P or P2P?:
p2p most of the time
Where did you hear about Ancient Legion?
starwolf ftw
What times and days are best for you?
anyday usually 5:30- 8 est
Previous clans (if any) and why you left:
Please post a pic of your stats:

Have you read and understood Ancient Legion's rules? Do you agree to abide by them?
yes, i agree to the rules
Have you read Ancient Legion's basic information? Do you understand it?
yes, i understand
Have you read Clan Warring 101? Do you understand the terms or have any questions about them?
yes, i have read the following
Have you added a leader (Lamb Bug or Golden arm42) in game?
yes, i have added Lamb Bug

starwolf_ftw - February 16, 2009 05:00 AM (GMT)
Hope you get in ;)

Btw, don't worry about posting that pic of your stats, I know it's your first time to attempt a screen shot.

lordblack656 - February 16, 2009 01:24 PM (GMT)
lol everybody seems to have a hard time posting their stats there first time. i almost had it but not quite.

SLOandro - February 16, 2009 06:44 PM (GMT)
Welcome :D

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