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Title: lmao a sorta riot

DookPlunkIdiot - February 14, 2009 12:51 AM (GMT)
Ok. I hate our skin. I don,t know if anyone agrees but...

1) I hate the colors
2) it [BEEP]s up all my siggies

If you agree vote and make a change lmao!

or...lamb and golden will proz lock the topic lmao.

Lamb Bug - February 14, 2009 01:03 AM (GMT)
Ummm Necro it is not because of the skin that your siggies are messed is because they are way oversized.

DookPlunkIdiot - February 14, 2009 01:10 AM (GMT)
is there a way i can shrink them?

and i also hate the colors im srry lol

3monightmar3 - February 14, 2009 02:26 AM (GMT)
i like the current skin, its pleasant to look at and doesnt clash with the text or other aspects of the site :) also u can shrink ur sig necro but u wud have 2 edit it from wherever u made it :( (so could be difficult)

Hellbound487 - February 14, 2009 03:56 AM (GMT)
i like darker skins better but thats just me lol.... and i think w had this one for way too long

rsw armoury - February 14, 2009 04:04 AM (GMT)
the skin itself doesn't screw up siggies, it's some mistake in the coding.

emad - February 14, 2009 04:41 AM (GMT)
black and red skin ftw

3monightmar3 - February 14, 2009 07:14 AM (GMT)
nooooo!!!! there r wayyyyyy 2 many black and red skins around already :(

Josephgregg - February 14, 2009 08:55 PM (GMT)
I luv light skins :wub: I don't want to get dark ones, they seem to push me away from posting... ;)

Dude12dragon - February 15, 2009 02:12 PM (GMT)
I think we a half dark half light skin that would be cool B)

K Arthur90 - February 15, 2009 03:54 PM (GMT)
Woot!? A 50% grey skin? :P

nj741 - February 15, 2009 04:39 PM (GMT)
i have a skin on my old forums at

Donovan Kays - February 15, 2009 10:11 PM (GMT)
I like this skin but the snowflakes have to be changed =o

nj741 - February 15, 2009 10:42 PM (GMT)

Golden arm42 - February 15, 2009 11:28 PM (GMT)
I got a PM from Coolmage today. His report card came back and it wasn't so great, so he won't have time to update the skin for a while. Sorry 'bout that.

If anyone would like to post a list of skins (with a code) and there's a really good one, then I can put it on myself, but since I don't know how to write a good skin, we're just going to have to wait for Coolmage otherwise.

starwolf_ftw - February 16, 2009 12:46 AM (GMT)
Poor coolmage.. :(

So we should have a vote for our next skin, but we need some choices.... hmmm...

DookPlunkIdiot - February 16, 2009 08:16 PM (GMT)
Ok lamb.
You know that OLD toic i made about skins? I posted one that was black AND white..which was pretty cool.

I lost that topic...if you can find that topic and/or the skin, we'd have a pwnage skin right there.

starwolf_ftw - February 16, 2009 08:50 PM (GMT)
I don't think a monochromatic color skemed skin will work well with our banner... Some earth tones would be better.

coolmageİ - February 16, 2009 10:42 PM (GMT)
No riots necro I'm working on it

3monightmar3 - February 20, 2009 08:44 AM (GMT)
black and red? :P

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