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zacerr - February 7, 2009 02:44 PM (GMT)
:( guys im freaked out....yesterday i changed my pass and then i forgot it so i went to change it again and it was pending the whole day. so i thought it wasnt working so i did it again still pended forever so i tried again and its still pending it from last night. im freakin out....

Athen - February 7, 2009 05:57 PM (GMT)
why? all ya did was change your pass. dont sweat it unless you've been on naughty websites.

red ring 95 - February 7, 2009 06:40 PM (GMT)
id say just give it a day or two, after the newest news feed from jagex about weak passwords being changed, im betting a ton of password changes are flooding in. they are probably just slowed under the workload.

so yea give it about 24 hours and no worries bud!

zacerr - February 7, 2009 11:15 PM (GMT)
nvm i got him back bannana

K Arthur90 - February 8, 2009 12:51 AM (GMT)
Oh. Gratz then.
And be more careful with ur pass next time :P
Write it under your keyboard (I did that to some of my pass I use :rolleyes:)

3monightmar3 - February 12, 2009 09:48 AM (GMT)
lol well done :P

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