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Title: Latin King33 application

latin king33 - February 6, 2009 04:33 AM (GMT)
Runescape Username:Latin king33

Combat Level:76

3 Highest Stats (combat and non-combat):
Stregth 70
Mage 63
Attack/Defence 55

Cooking 77
Mining 75
Firemaking 71

F2P or P2P?:F2P


Where did you hear about Ancient Legion?

What times and days are best for you?No specific time, Sundays will always be good for events. And some week days.

Previous clans (if any) and why you left:Back in 2005, I was in a clan Called the Stone Warriors. And I quit later that year. And when I came back to the game, in December the clan had been abondon for years.

Please post a pic of your stats:user posted image

Have you read and understood Ancient Legion's rules? Do you agree to abide by them?Yes

Have you read Ancient Legion's basic information? Do you understand it?Yes

Have you read Clan Warring 101? Do you understand the terms or have any questions about them?Yes

Have you added a leader (Lamb Bug or Golden arm42) in game?Yes

Lamb Bug - February 6, 2009 12:43 PM (GMT)
Accepted! Welcome to AL! Nice runecrafting level too!

Feel free to introduce yourself in the Introductions forum.

SLOandro - February 6, 2009 05:00 PM (GMT)
Welcome :D

Runeter2 - February 6, 2009 05:00 PM (GMT)
Gratz on getting into Ancient Legion! Seems like some nice stats you got there!

dflame58 - February 6, 2009 05:31 PM (GMT)
welcome. Nice stats you have i'm impressed for being f2p

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